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Natural Cat Food: It’s just Purrrfect

Natural Cat Food: It’s just Purrrfect

Natural Cat Food: It's Just Purrrfect!

Is there anything better than wholesome, all-natural and delicious food? We think not.

When it comes to feeding our feline friends, we believe that an all-natural diet is best to support a cat's delicate digestive system. Packed full with wholesome ingredients, nutrients and bursting with flavour – if it’s not 100% natural then we simply don’t want our cats to eat it.

Our team are dedicated to providing all your pets with the finest quality food on the market. With our passion for pets, desire for delicious dinners and terrific treats, we spend a lot of our time ensuring each and every single brand in our store makes exactly what it says on the packet – yummy food stuffed with goodness and nothing more.

With our store jam-packed with brands highlighting the power of Mother Nature, take a look at some of the wonderful ways your cat could benefit from an all-natural diet today and get their paws on some flavoursome food or tremendous treats that will keep them purring time and time again.

Mother Nature Knows Best

Unlike many high street brands gracing the supermarket shelves, the brands in our store pride themselves on creating only 100% natural, wholesome, responsibly sourced and delicious food. From production to packaging, natural pet food is not only nutritionally beneficial for our pets but it is also great for the environment, meaning investing in natural is not only aiding your cat’s wellbeing but you are helping the planet too.

Featuring the finest ingredients, natural pet food can have a mass array of healthy benefits for our four-legged friends, and here are just some of the reasons why you should choose natural today:

  • Grain-Free – Avoids gastro problems and is great for cats with wheat/gluten intolerances.
  • 100% meat – nothing else – Means food is packed with all the vitamins and minerals a cat needs for a healthy working body.
  • Low in fat – Great for pets on a diet
  • Free from preservatives, additives and artificial colours and flavourings – NO NASTINESS!

So with the benefits of natural cat food bursting from the page, take a look at our best brands of all-natural cat food and see if your feline friends fancy a taste of nature today.

Our Best Brands

Here at the Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we love every single brand we stock. From dry food to wet food, chews to treats, dogs to cats, each product in our store is displayed and sold with pride. Showcasing the delights of what Mother Nature has to offer, our range of natural dry and wet cat food is brilliant beyond belief. Scrumptious, nutritional and great in price, explore our brilliant brands and take a step towards nature.

Canagan Cat Food

Canagan Cat Food's delicious, grain-free recipes contain the best ingredients possible, with all products being free from artificial flavours, colours and preservatives. Canagan are so confident in the tastiness of their products, they even try every single one of their recipes themselves. If it’s not good enough for them, it’s not good enough for our pets. Now that’s a brand to believe in!

Free Run Chicken Kibble

In addition to their range of incredible dog food, Canagan is crazy for Cats. Creating a range of delicious dinners for our feline friends, the same quality has been applied to their dry and wet cat food ranges.

Purrfectly packaged to highlight the brilliance of British produce, Canagan cat food aims to do what it says on the tin – provide nutritious food that is delicious and high quality.

Canagan Cat Pouch - Free Run Chicken Cat Food - Wet Canagan


Canagan Cat's Fantastic flavours include:

  • Free-run Turkey
  • Free-range Chicken
  • Scottish Salmon
  • Country Game

Whether you have a kitten or a mature mog, Canagan has something for you. From dry to wet, single to multi-packs, if you need fantastic food for your furry friend then Canagan is your answer.

Shop Canagan Dry Cat Food Here / Shop Canagan Wet Cat Food Here 

Is your cat fed up with food? Bored of the same brand? Excited about new flavours? Is their skin itchy, irritated or sore? Do they bloat after meals or is their litter tray a little too messy?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then your feline friend could majorly benefit from an all-natural diet. Full of all the great stuff they need for a happy and healthy life, making a small change today could create a greater bond between you and your cat.

There are only two things we care about at Natural Cornish Pet Shop. Nutritious, all-natural pet food and happy pets!

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