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Puurfectly Natural

Puurfectly Natural

Puurfectly Natural

Choosing our cat’s diet can be a tricky task.

With options bursting from the shelves, the decision can often be a difficult one, often resulting in us selecting the best offer instead of researching which food is the best for your four-legged friend.

From wet food to dry food, no matter what delicious diet your favourite feline is on, here at The Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we have a range of brilliant brands that your furry friend will come to love. With food featuring favourites such as Salmon and Chicken, if it’s a new range of all-natural, wholesome and tasty food you’re looking for, then there’s no place better to look than here.

Why all natural is best

Throughout evolution, cats have adapted to eat meat. Like all carnivores, they find it more difficult to digest grains such as rice & cereals. Cats lack the ability to produce the enzyme 'amylase' in their saliva, meaning that they struggle to break down starchy carbohydrates. So as much as us humans love our carbs, they just aren’t good for our pets.

Our range of fantastic feline food is grain-free and contains only 100% wholesome ingredients that provide your cat with all the nutrition they need to live a long and happy life.

Many cat foods in the high-street comprise of meat, vegetable and grain combinations that can be problematic for digestion in many cats. Our brilliant brands take all the ingredients that felines have come to know and love, and remove any form of grain from their recipe, leaving a product that is not only delicious but better for our cats!

Dry & Delicious

For cats who prefer a crunchy dinner, our delicious dry-range feature special grain-free cat food formulated by experts to deliver nutrition that is close to their ancestral diet. The correct ratio of proteins and carbs is combined with a host of wonderful vegetables and botanicals, to produce a cat food that is magnificent in every meowing mouthful.

Carefully balanced and nutrient dense,  these brilliant brands of dry food will excite your cat's taste buds and provide them with pawfulls of highly digestible protein demanded by their evolutionary needs. Full of fantastic flavours and formulated for specific dietary needs, our range of cat products will keep their whiskers wagging right until the last bite.

Our Top Dry Cat Food

Canagan for Cats

2 x Canagan Country Game Cats 4kg Cat Food - Dry Natural Cornish PetIn addition to their range of incredible dog food, Canagan is also crazy for Cats. Creating a range of delicious cat food for our felines, the same level of quality is applied to both their dry and wet cat food.

Purrfectly packaged to highlight the brilliance of British produce, Canagan cat food aims to do what it says on the pack; provide nutritious food that is delicious and of high quality.

Fantastic flavours ranging from tender chicken to country game, whether you have a kitten or a mature mog, Canagan has something for you. From dry to wet, from single tins to multi-packs, if you need fantastic food for your furry friend then Canagan is your answer.

Explore the whole Canagan Dry Cat Food range here

True Instinct Raw Boost

True Instinct Raw Boost Free Range Chicken Cat Cat Food - Dry True Instinct

Combining high protein biscuits with freeze-dried protein chunks, Raw Boost provides our pooches with a nutritionally balanced meal with a protein boost for those growing tums.

The high protein bites are made from the finest cuts of meat and fish to create a high protein recipe to help with growth and development. These are then blended with natural prebiotics, vegetables, superfoods, fruits and botanicals to provide complete and nutritious meals.

Grain and cereal-free, True Instinct Raw Boost works to support a healthy immune system and provides everything your cat needs for healthy skin, coat and working muscles. 

Raw Boost is great for cat owners who are considering a raw food diet as the mixture of biscuits and raw meat chunks allows an easy transition from dry to raw food.

Shop True Instinct Raw Boost for cats here

Whisker Waggingly Wet Cat Food

For those cats out there that like their food a little more moist, then our brands wet food are right up your street. Available in handy pouches or classic cans, these wet food ranges contain nothing more than tender meat and fish in a delicious, wholesome recipe which makes their complete and balanced cat food beyond irresistible.

Our Top Wet Cat Food

Natures Menu Country Hunter

Natures Menu Country Hunter Chicken & Goose Cat Food - Wet Natures Menu

Country Hunter pouches for cats are filled with top quality raw ingredients, sealed and then gently cooked in its packaging to lock in the natural goodness.

Perfect for fussy and allergy sensitive cats, these grain and gluten free meals feature no artificial colours or flavours. From turkey to duck, fish to chicken, if it’s wholesome, delicious wet food you’re after – Natures Menu is the choice for you.

Shop Country Hunter Wet Food pouches Here


Canagan Canned Cat Food

Canagan Cat Variety Pack Cat Food - Wet Canagan

Used as a complete meal or even a complimentary topping to dry biscuits, canned Canagan is delicious in each and every bite. With each protein featured cooked in its own juices and packed with highly nutritious vegetables and botanicals, each tin of terrific tuna or delicious duck promises a mouthful of meaty goodness.

Shop Canagan Canned Cat Food Here


AATU for Cats

AATU For Cats Salmon, Chicken & Prawn Cat Food - Wet AATU

AATU for Cats pouches contain staggering 97% meat content! Available in portion controlled, easy-tear pouches, these purrrfect pouches come in five unique flavours and can be fed as either a complete meal or as a topper with the dry food. With AATU for Cats bespoke formula of 8 fruits, 8 vegetables, 8 herbs & botanicals provides a combination of vitamins and minerals along with incredible flavour.

Shop AATU for Cats here


Get those whiskers wagging with our range of completely natural, nutritionally beneficial and deliciously delightful cat food and listen to your cat purr right until the very last bite.

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