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4 Reasons Why We Love WildWash

4 Reasons Why We Love WildWash

There’s nothing wrong with your dog smelling a little like, well, a dog. However, sometimes you need a little extra help when they’ve had a little too much fun in the mud. We love Wildwash’s products because they use gentle and natural ingredients to wash your pup, which is not only great for your dog, but great for the planet too. Did you know they also make shampoos for cats too?

Completely Natural

Just like human hair, dog and cat fur responds better when natural products are used. Their skin is much more sensitive than a human’s, and using human soap/shampoo (or even baby shampoo) could result in sore, itchy, dry skin. WildWash is completely free of parabens, sulphates, phosphates, phthalates, petrochemicals, PEGs, animal fats and palm oil, meaning it’s 100% vegan, safe for your pet and kind to the planet. 

Environmentally Friendly

WildWash uses all natural ingredients, from botanics and flora, so they avoid all chemicals which are not cruelty-free or have damaging effects to the planet. For example; phosphates are used as the base of soap products, and don’t break down in wastewater processing systems, which affects ecosystems and pollutes water sources such as rivers, lakes, and ponds. Instead, WildWash uses soybean oil as their ‘soap’ base. 

Easy on the Nose

Cats especially have a very sensitive sense of smell. WildWash has a gentle, pleasant smell, which won’t upset their noses. Unnatural soaps or shampoos contain a lot of harsh perfumes that  will upset your pet’s nose, and can result in disorientation or over-grooming. 

Long Lasting

The way to use WildWash is to dilute the product 32:1. All their products are concentrated, and while it’s fine to use the product as it is, you can also thin it out with water. A 300ml bottle should be enough for 20 washes for a small dog, and about 10 for a bigger dog, and the product is gentle enough to use it as frequently as you wish. 

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