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A Guide To Natural Wet Food Dog Food

A Guide To Natural Wet Food

We often talk about the advantages of our natural dry dog food ranges but, often miss out talking about the wonderful world of high quality, grain-free, natural wet food that we showcase within our St Erth shop and here online.

SO have you ever noticed when you open a new flavour of any dry food your dog finds it exciting, then after a few days the glamour wears off, leaving you with half a bag of uneaten food? It’s a daily conversation topic with many of our customers. Fussy eaters, along with the general dog population, need variety; by limiting our dog's diets to the same flavour they are missing out on a whole world of vitamins and minerals produced by mother nature.

Biscuits are great, they clean teeth and create a fantastic base for digestion, however, can be a little on the bland side when eaten everyday (imagine eating the same breakfast everyday, and then repeating for lunch and dinner). This is where a high quality wet food steps in to bring variety, and a little can go a long way when it comes to making a mouth watering dinner every time!

Our Top Five Favourite Natural Wet Foods

Pooch & Mutt

Always at the forefront of innovation, Pooch & Mutt have designed a range of natural, high quality grain-free wet dog food thats packaging can be 100% recycled and is made from sustainably-sourced, renewable material. You cannot ask for more than that when it comes to being green! The ingredients pack a punch too with recipes boasting a 60% meaty goodness.


Country Hunter

Depending on the size of your four-legged friend, Country Hunter natural wet dog food by Natures Menu comes in two sizes for dogs and a very cost-effective range for cats. The team at Natures Menu only ever use quality, human grade meats, with no ‘meat meals’ or ‘meat derivates’ present, and their recipes pack a punch. We’ve yet to meet a four-legged friend that’s turned their nose up at their 80% Wild Boar recipe.



Our Devon Cousins have been a leading light in nourishing our pets naturally for over 45 years. One of the first to champion the benefits that a natural, wholesome diet can provide, the range they offer is exquisite and a perfect companion to any dry food. The tray packaging also makes it very easy to extract portioned amounts of wet food to accompany your dog’s dry food, keeping portion control in check!



Extremely high quality, cost effective, meaty goodness. Akela is renowned for producing quality, natural dry and wet dog food at the best price. The recipes also include the more exotic protein ranges, from kangaroo to venison, that are great for dogs with allergies and for the fussiest of taste buds.


Ziwi Peak

With 91% meat content the Ziwi Peak range takes quality to a whole new level. All recipes are rich in meat, that has been ethically sourced and are single protein, again great for dogs with sensitivities. Most of the range includes green mussels which are a fantastic natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin, along with cold-washed tripe which increases palatability and aid in healthy digestion.

It feels unjust to pull our list to a close at just five, however, these are amongst just a few many amazing brands we sell. To find out more, follow the links below to discover the full range. Or find us in St Erth and make use of our fantastic team, who will aid in matching your four-legged friend to the perfect supper.

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