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Aflora Cold Pressed Dog Food

Aflora Cold Pressed Dog Food

The Latest Addition To The Doggy Day Care Cornwall Family

A Flora, an Airedale, a happy, healthy every dog. What does a Flora need? Love, attention, companionship and a well balanced all natural, easily digestible wholesome food. That’s where our journey into creating our very own natural food started…

Using our knowledge as Cornwall’s leading dog day care specialists combined with owning the Natural Cornish Pet Shop full of the best UK natural food producers, Jordan and I set about to fill a gap in the market based on the needs of our very own big gold dog.

Cold pressed was at the centre of our research for its ability to be nutritionally dense, pressed at low temperatures to preserve the natural richness of the ingredients coupled with being easy to digest, and as close to feeding raw without having to sacrifice your ice cream.

On a day-to-day basis, due to our line of work we scrutinise ingredient labels, constantly learning and gaining a better understanding of what your dog food contains, giving us an excellent basis to develop our own recipe avoiding all that’s nasty in the high street brands  and instead opting for simpler, more wholesome alternatives. Simple.

So why Beef? Not all protein sources are created equally and range in digestibility to nutritional content, beef is amongst the best, due to being high in protein and rich in both iron and B vitamins. Which is perfect for aiding dogs with an active lifestyle. The ground beef found in our recipe is sourced from UK farms and uses whole cuts of beef.

The beef in our recipe is pared with white fish, for its naturally high levels of joint supporting omega-3 fatty acids which again scores highly for being easy to digest and hypoallergenic, perfect for those with intolerances (Our long term aim is to source the white fish in our recipe from Cornish waters).

Sweet potato or super sweet potato which is how we like to think of it isn’t really a potato at all! Nutritionally different and containing a higher level of fibre, along with being a great source of vitamins A, C and B6. The other interesting fact about sweet potato is that it has the ability to stabilise blood sugar levels, which can be beneficial to all dogs, especially those that suffer from diabetes.

In the finer details of our recipe you will find sage, thyme and oregano all boasting holistic benefits known for aiding in fighting infections and boosting general wellbeing, to seaweed, which in small quantities is known for aiding healthy thyroid function.

We hope your own four-legged friends enjoy our recipe as much as ours, and we look forward to releasing new flavours in the very near future! So be sure to watch this space!

Katy & Jordan

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