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Akela: A Dog’s Best Friend

Akela: A Dog’s Best Friend

Like many of us, deciding what food is best can become a chore rather than choice. With fancy labels, overbearing adverts and pushy posters commanding us to make better choices when it comes to the food we eat, it is no wonder the stress of it all can take the joy out of eating.

We all want food that tastes great that we know will provide us with the nutrition that we need. Well, this is the same for our pets. Just like us, they want great tasting food that will help with growth and development throughout their entire life. Here’s introducing a product that takes away fancy labels, empty promises and is jam packed with all-natural, nutritious and yummy ingredients that will delight any fussy pets taste buds whilst providing them all the amazing nutrition they need. Now that sounds like a product produced for pawfection.

At Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we adore any product that showcases the powers of what Mother Nature has to offer. Completely grain-free and featuring the best of British produce, Akela dog food includes high quality, and highly nutritious ingredients that benefit the tummies of your four-legged friend. Throw away the woes and worries about selecting the right dog food and make the choice of Akela today and purchase a pet food that is perfect for your precious pooch.

Why Akela?

Featuring on Dragon’s Den, James Whigby, Akela’s Pack Leader, founded the company after working in Pet Care with a leading consumer goods company. It was during this time, James noticed a heavy push on grain kibbles in the pet food market and an absence of all-natural dry dog food. After discovering he was gluten and dairy intolerant, he was compelled to develop recipes that would be nutritionally beneficial for all dogs out there. After two years, and perfecting the recipe, James formulated Akela and the brand was named after the leader of the wolf pack, since growing up a cub scout in his younger days. 

At Akela, they believe that dog’s deserve optimum nutrition. Each recipe is specifically selected with this focus in mind and tailored to working dogs providing maximum benefit for all. But what sets Akela out from others is their knowledge on the ancestral diet of dogs and their ability to create food with a dog’s needs in mind.

What is Wholeprey?

At Akela, only whole prey ingredients are used in their dog food. But we can hear you asking – what actually is wholeprey?

Wholeprey is a concept of feeding dogs as close a diet as possible to that of which their ancestors would have eaten. This includes, but not limited to, meat, liver, cartilage, fat and bone.

Akela prides themselves on their understanding of what dog’s love to eat. As the canine species has evolved to hunt and eat prey, the products they create are developed with this predatory instinct in place. Featuring high-meat content and completely grain-free, their food is not just delicious but is created with a multitude of health benefits to keep working dogs at their prime throughout their entire life.

So with carnivorous mouths in mind, Akela created a brand of food that lead dogs away from grain heavy products and to highly nutritional, wholesome and mighty meaty food that will provide them with the optimum goodness throughout their whole life.

Pawfect Products

With a range of amazing natural wet and dry food, Akela dog food is tasty beyond compare. From Suffolk Duck to Scottish Salmon, their variety of fantastic flavours will get their predatory instinct flaring as soon as you bring it home.

Akela Dry Food

Akela 80/20 complete working dog food is vet-approved and contains highly digestible human-grade ingredients, is grain-free, has no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and is high in meat content for extra palatability. It contains 80% protein, 20% Fruit, Veg and Botanicals and 0% Grains. Suitable for working dogs and puppies from weaning to old age. We just advise feeding lightly split over more than two meals to start with to avoid problems with transitioning.

Available in flavours such as: Duck, Fish Feast, Scottish Salmon and Original (Turkey, Chicken & Fish). Shop Now!

Akela Wet Food

Their range of complete, grain free wet dog food has no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and is made with freshly prepared animal ingredients. Their recipes are made up of 70% meat or fish, with 30% fruits, vegetables, broth and botanicals. So for doggies who prefer something a little softer than their dry kibble, Akela is for you.

Every single one of their recipes is grain free and natural and comes in eight nutritionally complete flavours; including kangaroo and wild game perfect.  Sounds like peculiar choices of protein? Their unusual choice of meat makes them a great option for dogs with allergies or sensitive stomachs and their tins are excellent value, so perfect for those with a large wolf pack to feed. 

To learn more and shop Akela Wet food online - Click Here! 

Designed and created with our pets in mind, we stand behind this pawfect product and urge you to do the same. With high meat content, all-natural ingredients and completely grain-free, this is a pet food not only good for our pockets but pawfect for our pets’ health too, along with being one of the most highly cost effective 80.20 dry dog foods available in the UK today.

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