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Choose Canagan

Choose Canagan

When deciding what food we should feed our pets many of us sit there pondering the endless realm of choice that we face. Should we go dry, wet, cold-pressed? What flavour will they like: chicken, fish, beef? Sometimes the choice even comes down to what really is the best value for what we are paying.

Here’s introducing Canagan. This British bred company promotes the importance of the quality of food we are feeding our furry friends. Canagan is crafted with dog’s digestion in mind. Being grain free and formulated to include high meat content, all award-winning recipes are designed to create nutritionally balanced and complete meals to tantalise the taste buds of your poochie pal.

Why Canagan?

What sets Canagan apart from the crowd is their choice of protein that goes into their food. Sourcing premium quality meat and fish ensures that their food is not only wholesome but tastes the best it possibly can. With human consumption of organically sourced products on the rise, it’s no wonder we want to give our pets the same level of quality. Canagan provides it.

With Canagan there is no compromise on quality or value. What you get is a high quality and cost-effective food that is just as tasty as it looks on the label.

Their delicious, grain-free recipes contain the best ingredients possible with all products being free from artificial flavours, colours and preservatives. Canagan are so confident in the tastiness of their products, they even try every single one of their recipes themselves. So if it’s not good enough for them, it’s not good enough for our pets.

Go Grain-Free

Throughout evolution, dogs and cats have adapted to eat meat. Like all carnivores, they find it more difficult to digest grains such as rice & cereals. Their inability to produce the enzyme, amylase, in their saliva, means that they struggle to break down starchy carbohydrates. So as much as we all love our carbs, they just aren’t great for our pets.

Many dog foods in the high-street comprise of meat, vegetable and grain combinations that can be problematic for digestion in many dogs. Canagan take all the ingredients that dogs have come to know and love and remove any form of grain from their recipe leaving a product that is not only delicious but better for our canine companions.

Perfect Packaging

At Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we are never fooled by flashy packaging. We want the best product for the best price.

Our whole lives, when shopping, many of us judge a book by its cover. When it comes to purchasing anything, we care about what it looks like. Whether it’s coffee, cereal or even washing powder, we are more likely to pick up a product if it ignites our eyes and imagination. It’s the same for our pet food. We are more inclined to choose a pet food that sounds and looks delicious enough for us to eat and Canagan do just that.

Their dry and wet food range highlights the beauty of British produce. Featuring Scottish Salmon from the wondrous highlands and glorious grass-fed lambs from the Welsh countryside, Canagan highlights the best of Britain. Canagan’s artistic impression transforms the packaging of their food into beautiful works of art so it’s no wonder why they are being grabbed from the shelves. It is obvious that from picking their products to the design of their labels, Canagan care about what they sell. It’s a product that is conscientious, great value and ancestrally appropriate. And that’s why we love it!

Fantastic variety of Flavours

With Canagan, it’s all about flavour. From their dry food to their delightful treats, Canagan never compromise on taste. Featuring premium quality recipes such as Country Game, Free-Range Chicken and Omega-Rich Salmon, Canagan aims to be the highest quality pet food on the market.

Each product contains the highest quality sourced protein and vegetables that you expect in a premium dog food. Canagan excels in everything. Fantastic flavours, marvellous meat and organic vegetables results in a dog food that frankly, we believe, is good enough for our Sunday dinner.

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Crazy for Cats

In addition to their range of incredible dog food. Canagan is also crazy for Cats. Creating a range of delicious cat food for our feline friends, the same level of high quality is applied to their dry and wet cat food. Purrfectly packaged to highlight the brilliance of British produce, Canagan cat food aims to do what it says on the tin – provide nutritious food that is delicious and high quality.

Fantastic flavours ranging from tender chicken to country game, whether you have a kitten or a mature mog, Canagan has something for you. From dry to wet, from single to multi-packs, if you need fantastic food for your furry friend then Canagan is your answer.

Canagan Cat Food Shop Now

At Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we are proud to be one of the UK’s largest, independent stockist of both Canagan Dog and Cat food, with every flavour stocked in our store, we are always here to provide your pets with the highest quality of food they can get their paws on.

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