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Doze on a Danish

Doze on a Danish

Doze on a Danish

There is nothing more satisfying than a good night’s sleep on a fresh and comfy bed.

A place of relaxation and comfort, our beds are a sanctuary of peace and harmony and throughout our lives become a significant tool in maintaining our physical and emotional health. This is no different for our dogs.

Their palace of snuggly slumber, after a hard day’s play and exercise, many of our dogs cosy into their comforting beds and settle down for some much needed R&R. But when it comes to choosing our dog’s perfect bed, what do we choose? As our dogs have not yet mastered the art of shopping for themselves (imagine the carnage in supermarkets!), the choice in bed lies with us, and everything from design to how it feels can be a factor that makes us say yes to the ideal bed for our dogs.

With a range of pet accessories on offer, we know how important those home additions are for your beloved pooch. Created for maximum comfort and beautifully designed, there is no better bed for your dog than Danish Design. Stocking a gorgeous range of duvets and snuggle beds, here’s why your next dog bed should be a Danish one.

Who are Danish Design?

Danish Design Vintage Bicycles Deluxe Duvet Dog Beds & Bowls Danish Designs

Designing and producing bedding for pets for more than 30 years, this Yorkshire-based company have really been working their paws off to improve the comfort of our pets. Delivering amazing products all over the UK and Europe, their reputation reaches far and wide.

Their heart and soul goes into creating their incredible products, as everything they produce is designed to provide style, comfort and functionality for any discerning pet and owner. At Danish Design, they really do care about every last detail and are especially dedicated to caring for our four-legged friends right up to the very last detail.

With Danish Design, expect nothing less than excellence.

Eco-Friendly Elegance

Danish Design Heritage Houndstooth Red Box Duvet Dog Beds & Bowls Danish Designs

In addition to their amazing ethos for pet care, Danish Design have also tackled the art of recycling and all their products are greener than green. Danish Design are proud to be using 100% recycled fibre in the manufacture of their beds.

The recycled PET flake is produced by shredding plastic bottles, which are then cleansed and heated to produce a liquid that is forced through a sieve to produce a thread that forms a fibre once cooled. This fibre is then processed through their carding facility at their factory. By switching to PET recycled fibre, they ensure that around eight million plastic bottles a year are stopped from reaching landfill, our natural environment and the oceans.

Danish Duvets

Danish Design Vintage Maps Deluxe Duvet for Dogs Dog Beds & Bowls Danish Designs

For dogs who prefer an open bed, Danish Duvets are created from the finest fabrics that are as comfy as they look. Only the very best is good enough for Danish Design, ensuring our pets and their owners are satisfied with a product that is too pawfect to not snuggle into.

Soft and thick for maximum comfort and relaxation, no matter what size dog you have there is a Danish Duvet for you. Long-lasting and highly durable, whether you have a tiny pup or large golden oldie, our range of Danish Duvet will provide your pooch with all the comfort and support they need for long and comfortable night’s sleep.

    Priced from £26.99 - Shop the Danish Designs Duvet Range Now!

    Brilliant Beds

    Danish Design SlimDanish Design Lumberjack White/Navy Deluxe Slumber Dog Bed Dog Beds & Bowls Danish Designs

    Prefer a more enclosed snooze? Then a snuggle bed is what your pooch needs. Instinctively, our dogs favour to sleep in a tighter spot due to the ancestral nature to avoid other predators. Despite the need to hide from predators being long gone, our dogs still harbour feelings of comfort and safety from more enclosed and cosier spots.

    Snuggle beds create the safety and security of our pet’s needs and provides them with multitudes of comfort in times of anxiety and stress. For nervous dogs, snuggle beds are ideal as they can provide your dog with the calmness and security they need for a pawfect evening of relaxation.

    Danish Design Woodland Hare Deluxe Dog Bed General Danish Designs

    Made from only the finest materials, Danish Designs range of snuggle beds are everything your dog needs to cosy down for the night. With a selection of delightful designs and fabulous fabrics, here’s a look at all our snuggle beds that are guaranteed to give your dog the all the comfort they need.


    Available from £16.99 - Shop the Danish Designs Snuggle Bed Range Here!

    With snuggly bed and delightful duvets, no matter what comfort level your dog requires, we guarantee that we have a Danish Design that your pooch will fall in love with. Give your dog the delight of a fresh bed today and provide them with everything they need for a pawfect night’s sleep. 

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