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Get Rid of Raw Hide

Get Rid of Raw Hide

Get Rid of Raw Hide

When it comes to dog chews, there is one type of chew that has caused mountains of speculation over its safety for our pets.

Rawhide. Made from industrial types of leather, research is proving how dangerous these chews can be for our dogs, and how companies are opting for more natural ingredients to keep our dogs chomping urges at bay.

Here at the Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we stand behind the safety of each and every one of our chews. Made from the finest ingredients and completely danger-free, we have fallen in love with rawhide-free chews and will always urge our customers to choose a more natural and wholesome chew that is completely safe for our pets.

So with research ripping into the rawhide markets, here’s why you should choose more natural options, and opt for some of our pet’s favourite all natural chews that will keep those knashers occupied and your dogs safe no matter what size, age or shape they are.

To us, your pet’s safety and health is at the forefront of our business and we want to provide you with the best chews that you can get your paws on!

Risks of Rawhide

Rawhide chews are created from the inner layer of cow or horse hides. During manufacturing, the hides are cleaned and cut or ground before being pressed into chewable dog treats of different shapes and sizes. To make them more appealing for dogs, some rawhide treats contain beef, chicken, or liver 'flavourings'.

As the chews are often coated in artificial flavourings, these chews can be tricky and harmful to dogs with sensitive bellies. We always recommend giving your dog a natural chew, whether meaty or vegetarian, that is easily digestible to prevent tummy upsets and further digestive complaints.

Rawhide bones and other rawhide chews can pose choking and blockage problems if broken off in larger and indigestible pieces. It is so important, no matter what chew given to your pet that they are supervised whilst they enjoy it. Unlike, rawhide chews, our all-natural varieties have a smaller risk of breaking, thus lowering the risk of potential choking and blockage issues.

All-Natural Options

What’s the alternative? When it comes to avoiding raw-hide, we always recommend choosing an all-natural option. Free from harsh chemicals, containing only the finest natural ingredients, gentle on tummies and safe to chomp 24/7, here’s a range of our favourite chews that will make you wave goodbye to raw-hide once and for all.

Earth Animal – No Hide

Earth Animal No-Hide Wholesome Beef Dog Chew - Medium Dog Treats Earth Animal

No-Hide Dog Chews from Earth Animal are a safer, chemical-free alternative to rawhide. No-Hide Dog Chews contain absolutely no rawhide, and are made with high quality, human-grade ingredients that are easy to digest.

They are carefully hand-rolled, uniquely cooked and dried making them easily digestible and nutritious, as well as being 100% free of chemicals, additives, bleaches, and formaldehyde.

The chews are long-lasting chewable bliss to dogs of all shapes and sizes!

Explore the Earth Animal Chew Range Here!

JR Pure Meat Chews

The award-winning Pure Range by JR Pet products is made from the finest cuts of 100% fresh meat. Grain and gluten free – no additives, no preservatives…. nothing but meat! 100% Natural. 100% delicious.

These mighty meaty sticks are responsibly sourced from across Europe, and are made from human grade meat. Suitable for all breeds, even both dry and raw-fed dogs can enjoy the benefits of these treats. There are 11 varieties to choose from, each with several healthy and hypoallergenic choices; there is something for every dog no matter how complex their dietary needs might be. 

Some of the fabulous flavours of these super sticks include:

  • Ostrich
  • Rabbit
  • Lamb
  • Duck
  • Kangaroo
  • Turkey

Available in individual flavours at £2.79 or multi-flavour bulk packs starting from £12.99

Explore the JR Pure Chew Range Here!

Our Vegetable Antler Chews

Vegetable & Peanut Butter Filled Antler Singles Dog Treats Natural Cornish Pet

Our very own brand of Antler-inspired chews are packed with our dog’s favourite scrumptious spread, peanut butter. We have combined a dog’s natural love and interest for Antler bones, and their passion for peanut butter, to create this nutty treat that will beat boredom and keep their urge to chew going strong.

Our antlers are full to the brim with wholesome peanut butter (that is 100% free from Xylitol) creating a tasty treat that your four-legged friend will definitely go nuts for. After chewing through the hardened vegetable based exterior, your dog will encounter the smooth and scrumptious peanut butter centre, giving them a reward after their long day of chomping!

Our Vegetable & Peanut Butter Antlers are available individually at £1.75 or Pack of 10 for £17.40.

Shop Individually / Shop Pack of 10

Soopa Fruit Chews

Soopa - Natural Grain Free Dog Chews Dog Treats Soopa

Completely grain-free and containing only 100% natural fruit and vegetables, Soopa’s Natural Dog chews are a pawfect alternative to meaty chews. Featuring 3 fantastic flavours: Coconut (great for skin & coat), Papaya (kind on sensitive tummies) and Sweet Potato (Helpful in digestion), these tasty treats are wholesome, all-natural and are highly beneficial in your pet’s nutrition.

Suitable for any size or age dog, these fabulously fruity chews are a great addition to your dog’s diet and provide your pooch with one of their five a day.

Shop Soopa Fruit Chews Now!

Providing hours of safe and nutritional beneficial fun, pick up a rawhide-free chew today and be rest assured your dog is chomping on something that is completely safe, great for their tummy and packed with all the vitamins they need for days of chewing and chomping fun.

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