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Have a Happy Hownd

Have a Happy Hownd

As man’s best friend, our dogs mean the world to us. Whether it is the finest treats or the highest quality grooming products, we are constantly on the look-out for the products we believe are best for our four-legged friends. With so much choice to choose from, deciding what brands are best can really send our heads into a spin. But this is where we come in.

Here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we only stock and sell the best, all-natural, highest quality brands that we know your pooches will come to know and love. From food to toys, we stand by each and every one of the products because if it’s not the best…then we simply don’t sell it.

So we can’t think of a better brand to bark about than HOWND. Supplying a range of pet products from balls to bowls, HOWND, is a brand your furry friend definitely needs to know about. Ethically sourced with dog’s health and welfare in mind. Here’s introducing HOWND – leaders in innovation and the next dog brand you need your pet’s pantry.

About Hownd

Beginning their adventure in 2013, founders Mark Hirsel and Jo Amit spotted a niche in the UK pet market for all-natural dog grooming sprays and shampoos. Under the brand of Butch and Bess, the pair then created a range of natural fragrances that ultimately caught the attention of groomers across the UK. From then on, Butch & Bess grew and grew and after gaining a loyal UK grooming fan base, their business caught the attention of the media and their dream was beginning to come true.

Despite an unsuccessful pitch on BBC’s Dragon’s Den, their company then went on to create one of the most culturally popular ‘days in the office’ – Bring your dog to work day and from then on every 27th June – many of us pack up our pooches and take them to work with us. Thank you Mark and Jo!

In 2015, the pair rebranded Butch & Bess and thus HOWND was born. Gaining the Leaping Bunny Seal of Approval from Cruetly Free International, they became the leading premium dog grooming product brand at all Pets At Home UK stores – selling a range of five conditioning shampoos (250ml), along with a range of five matching body mists (250ml).

Since then HOWND have become the first UK dog grooming manufacturer to create a specific shampoo and body mist for senior dogs and have developed and created two pawfect perfumes specifically for dogs and what’s even better – It’s a His and Her Range! How cute!

So with a wealth of dog grooming experience and the innovation to create fantastic products, Here’s the HOWND products, Natural Cornish Pet Shop have come to know and love to make your own HOWND happier than even before.

Tasty Treats

Packed to the brim with wholesome goodness and ethically sourced local ingredients, HOWND HEMP WELLNESS TREATS are 100% natural, hypoallergenic, gluten free, grain free, human grade and completely vegetarian.

Containing the magical plant of hemp, this incredible ingredient is renowned for providing a multitude of natural health benefits and full of super healthy fats (such as omegas 3,6 & 9) which are vital for optimal skin health. In addition to the wholesome hemp these treats also contain minerals known to tackle common health issues in dogs, from puppies to golden oldies. So no matter what furry friend you have, you’ll guaranteed to have a happy HOWND.

These tasty treats come in cookie shaped pieces and oven baked to lock in all that fantastic flavours. Whether its calming snack or a puppy reward, our range of HOWND treats, can be given to all dogs of all shapes and sizes. Easily digestible and stuffed with all-natural goodness, these terrific treats will keep your dog satisfied time and time again.

See our range of flavours with prices are £4.50 for 130g tube.

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Glorious Grooming

As leading innovators in dog grooming products, there is nothing but fantastic things we can say about HOWND. From Shampoos to Sprays, HOWND products are 100% hypoallergenic, all-natural and perfect for your pooches skin and coat. Whether you have a skinky dog or itchy dog, a playful puppy or golden oldie, HOWND has a shampoo for you!


This conditioning shampoo contains a natural grime busting formula for dogs that get extra smelly! With a combination of eucalyptus and cedarwood essential oils, and gentle odour neutralisers, this conditioning shampoo helps deodorise dogs and absorb strong odours from fox poo, cow dung, dirt and grime. Ideal for stinky dogs who roll in stinky stuff (we know who you are!) and will wash off urine, grease and tear stains too!

Got an Itch?

Formulated for our furry friends with sensitive skin, Got an Itch conditioning shampoo help relieve a dog’s dry flaky skin, and helps restore lustre to dull coats of all breeds. This conditioning shampoo penetrates the hair follicles of long coats, while deeply cleansing and detangling. With essential oils like Rose and Bergamont, its pH-balanced formula containing wheat protein, oat kernel, argan oil and aloe vera leaf juice – all of which nourish, condition and soften a dog’s coat for easier grooming.

Keep Calm

Keep Calm Conditioning Shampoo is deeply cleansing, whilst being gentle on their skin and coat. This shampoo has been tailored to reduce shedding, while conditioning and strengthening a dog’s fur. A combination of lavender and patchouli essential oils helps relax adult dogs (and their owners!), and is perfect for pets that are anxious or stressed.

See our full range of grooming products with shampoos starting at £8.99 

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Brilliant Bowls

We Need a HERO!

Sick of your tired, tatty dog bowl? You need a HERO!

Made with scientifically proven smart silver ion technology for guaranteed triple protection, this germ-busting HERO Bowl is antimicrobial dog food and water bowl and is guaranteed to resist the growth of over 99% of common nasty bugs and bacteria - an ideal solution for all you health conscious owners out there.

Created in a range of classic colours and sizes varying from small to large, if it’s your puppy’s first bowl or a treat for our golden oldie, we have a HERO for you.

So with Biocote technology and a germ free formula, HOWND are 100% #ChangingTheBowlGame

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With bright bowls, terrific treats and a glorious range of grooming products, hunt out some HOWND products today and get your furry-friend barking about this brilliant brand.

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