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KONG: The King of Toys

KONG: The King of Toys

Like a child unwrapping a present, the joyful expression on our pet’s face when they receive a new toy is something we all hold dear to us. Soft toys, squeaky toys, Tug & Pull toys, Natural Cornish Pet Shop have what you need to make your furry friend’s face glow and keep them occupied for hours and hours of fun.

But when it comes to the king of pet toys, there is only one competitor in our eyes - KONG. From chew toys to tennis balls, it would be hard to find any pet lover that hasn’t heard of this amazing brand. Created with pet behaviour in mind, KONG has one goal - to design and manufacture amazing pet toys that will entertain our pets time and time again.

But where did it all start?

Way back in 1970, Kong founder Joe Markham wanted to create a range of toys that would improve pet behaviour after experiencing problems with his dog, Fritz, having an obsession with chomping on rocks. After trying technique after technique, Joe was at a loss on how to stop Fritz’s chewing. Only when throwing out his old suspension from his Voltzwagen did Fritz come across something more appealing than the rocks that were destroying his teeth. It was the distinctive snowman shape and durable rubber that Fritz loved so much and thus the first Kong Classic chew toy was born. 

KONG Classic Chew Toy

– Priced at £4.99 from the store. Shop here.

KONG is now sold in over 80 countries, and Natural Cornish Pet Shop is more than proud to be one of the stockists of KONG toys. KONG continues to be a leader around the world in the pet specialty industry and its foundations are still the cornerstone of the business today: Fulfilling a dog’s need to play with safe, durable and fun products that keep them entertained for hours. Selling more dog toys than any other company, it is their goal to ensure they help more people around the world and provide toys that dogs know and love.

It would be hard to find a pooch on this earth that doesn’t love KONG. With a soft feel for a satisfying chew and durable to withstand those extra playful days, from design to production, these chews ensure dogs keep engaged and ready to play. What makes them extra special is their multi-functional use. Stuff it, throw it, play with it, this amazing toy can be made for a dog’s best part of their day – the time they are ready to play!

Bonkers for Balls

All of us know a dog out there who is ball mad. Chasing away until the sun sets, there is something about those spherical shapes that makes our four-legged friends go absolutely bonkers. But did you know it’s important to choose the right ball for your dog?

Purchasing a sturdier and more robust ball rather than cheap alternatives will actually be healthier and better for your dog to play with. So here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we have comprised a list of the best balls your pooch can get its paws on.

  1. KONG Air Squeaker Tennis Ball

Combining two classic dog toys – the tennis ball and the squeaker toy, the KONG AirDog Squeakair creates the perfect fetch toy. High in durability and quality, the ball will not wear down a dog’s teeth as it’s made with a special nonabrasive felt, compared to the abrasive material on normal tennis balls. So not only is this a great multipurpose toy - it’s healthier for your dog too!

KONG Air Squeaker Tennis Ball

Available in 2 sizes: Medium and Large with prices ranging from £1.19. Shop here.


  1. KONG Large Squeaker Ball

‘Squeezz’ balls are KONG’s new jewel coloured toys that are made of a unique thermo-elastic rubber material that produces an unpredictable, erratic bounce to stimulate every dog’s natural instinct to chase. In addition, for owners to attract their pooch’s attention and to add an extra element of fun, it also contains a uniquely designed, recessed and protected squeaker.

KONG Large Squeaker Ball

Available for £4.99 in Large size in colours green, blue, red and purple. Shop here.


  1. KONG Rewards Ball

Is there anything better than being rewarded for having fun? Look no further than the Reward Ball from KONG. Rewards randomly dispenses treats as a dog plays. Providing healthy mental stimulation and hours of fun, the unique shape also has an unpredictable bounce that keeps dogs active while they play. What’s better is the durable material, designed for long-lasting sessions of quiet fun, can also be used for meals to manage weight. It’s a more than just a ball. It’s a KONG ball.

KONG Rewards Ball

Available for £9.99 in Large. Shop here.

Perfect Plush toys

So after all that chewing, chomping and running around, there’s nothing better than coming home and snuggling against your favourite teddy. KONG understand the importance of quiet time and comfort and have designed a range of plush toys to keep your pooch feeling warm and snuggly when all that play time is over.

From super soft to cute and crinkly, KONG’s range of perfect plush toys can be used from Puppy to Adult, keeping your dog comforted from morning until night. With toys equipped with removable squeakers, whether it be a full on cuddle or just some quieter play, KONG has everything you need to keep your pooch perfectly pleased.

KONG Cuteseas

Cuddling with animals has never been this cute. KONG Cuteseas are made of soft corduroy for snuggling, contain a squeaker and make a crinkle sound during playtime, leaving your pet with a plush with something a little extra.

With a range of animals to choose from: Seahorse, Whale and Octopus, playing amongst the ocean has never been as fun for your pooch.

KONG Cuteseas

Available individually for £8.99 or in Triple Pack for £25.99, these super-cute plush are a toy your pooch definitely needs to have purchased. Shop here.

KONG Comfort

These incredible plushes are ideal for doggie play and cuddle time. Containing a low tone bellow squeaker that pique a dog’s curiosity and a removable squeaker for quiet time, this is a toy your dog is going to love. With an easy to remove squeaker, this is perfect for cuddle time and when your pooch is ready for an indoor play session, insert back into the toy and get ready for fun!

KONG Comfort Kiddos Bear

Available in a Pig and Bear design with prices ranging from £5.99.

KONG Wild Knots Bear

From Paddington to Pooh, every single one of us has a bear in our hearts. And it’s no different for our four-legged friends. KONG Wild Knots Bear, takes the image of the cute, cuddly teddy bear and transforms him into a soft, but durable toy that your dog will forever hold close to their heart.

With the knotted skeleton and reinforced plush body, your dog will fall head over paws for this patchwork beauty. With a design to provide extra durability, less stuffing for less mess and an adorable squeaker results in a toy perfect to entice play and cuddle for quieter times. The Wild Knots bear is definitely one bear, they will never forget.


Available in Small/Medium, Medium/Large and X Large with prices ranging from £6.75. Shop here.

So no matter what toy you’re after, take a look at Natural Cornish Pet Shop’s range and give your dog hours of pure fun!

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