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Must Have Autumn Essentials for Dogs

Must Have Autumn Essentials for Dogs

With shorter days and crisp nights, it’s beginning to feel a lot like autumn has arrived. That means new warm walking boots and comfy jackets for you and these must-have autumn dog essentials for your pup. Keeping your pup cozy, comfy and looking good while things cool down is easy and will make your dog feel special too!

Jackets & Coats

Warm dog jackets, coats and jumpers all help preserve your pet’s core body heat on those chilly morning walks and is a must have autumn dog essential, especially for short haired dogs. 

We love the waterproof designs which helps protect them from a wet and mucky walk and through those brisk autumn winds. View Collection


Bright Collar, Lead & Harnesses

We recommend that you boost your safety and visibility for both you and your pooch. With the shorter days your evenings walks often take place long after the sun has gone down. 

These products are excellent for alerting oncoming cars with your presence and can even let you spot your furry friend when he’s run off to chase that squirrel that he thought he saw. View Collection

Safety Lights for Dogs

Orbiloc Dog Dual is a Danish-made high quality LED Safety Light designed to keep both you and your dog safe.

The Orbiloc Dog Dual Safety Light ensures that both of you are visible to others when out and about in the dark, drastically reducing the risk of being involved in an accident or dangerous situation. With Orbiloc Dog Dual other road users will be able to spot you from a distance of up to five kilometers, which leaves them plenty of time to react. View Collection

Comfy Beds

After a cool and brisk day there is nothing better for your dog than a warm, comfortable bed. A dog bed allows your pet to have his own space and get a good night’s sleep. 

It also provides him with insulation from a cold hard floor and cushioned support for joints and bones. View Collection


You’ve probably noticed changes in your dogs coat as the seasons change. Dogs that have a coat that sheds will start their summer shed before winter, to grow a new thicker healthy coat ready for the colder weather.

Getting your dog groomed around this time to de-shed their summer coat will encourage the winter coat to grow, reducing the amount of loose hair found around the house and making the coat manageable during the colder and wetter month's View Collection

Paw Care

It’s important to keep your dog’s feet in a well conditioned state. Keep the nails trim and make sure your dog’s fur around their paw pads are trimmed as well. The excess fur attracts seeds, little rocks and burrows that create severe discomfort and pain to your dog. The hair can also become matted which will hold moisture from the mud and the rain.

Stock up on a good paw balm to help keep your pet’s pads free of cracks and abrasions and request a paw trim or paw-pedicure that helps protect your pet while walking on cold surfaces on your next groom. View Collection


Every dog had its individual requirements, which will change over the different life stages. Your dog should obtain all the vitamins and minerals through a well-balanced diet. 

However, there are occasions when it may require supplements which could include during pregnancy, lactation, puppy growth and when a dog is recovering from an illness or struggling with the time of year, such as itchy skin in the springtime. View Collection

Omega 3 Rich Treats

Your dog relies on Omega-3 fatty acids for many things, including vision and brain development in young puppies, helping manage inflammation in skin and joints, and a whole host of other physiologic functions. 

Because dogs, as well as humans, are incapable of producing Omega-3 fatty acids on their own, they must get them through their diet. So why not boost your dogs intake of Omega 3 though rich fish treats, chews and oils. View Collection


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