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Naturally Christmas

Naturally Christmas

Natural Cornish Pet Shop's Guide to a Dog Friendly Christmas

As the seasons wiz by and we find ourselves crashing into December, it can be hard to not find yourself caught up in the madness.

Our theme this year is keeping things simple! What is necessary, what will last beyond Christmas day, and be a gift that keeps on giving.

Dog Toys

With a lot of novelty dog toys available at this time of year ensure you are not get lured by bright packaging into buying a toy that could potentially be a risk to your best friend. Check for potential choking hazards and how a product is made, if you see glue and exposed seams stay clear! 

Stick to well constructed, long lasting designs that will stand the test of time, we highly recommend KONG! For its innovative selection of toys that can be used in a multitude of ways. See our Toy Range.

Natural Dog Treats

We all are familiar with the bright white raw hide stocking and bone combo sets that litter the aisles of all major supermarkets and chain pet shops, that are holy unacceptable and produced with eye watering toxic processes. For natural alternatives take a peek at last months blog Why Natural Dog Treats?

Food for life, not just for Christmas!

It's tempting to think of Christmas as a one day event, but how about rather than buying your dog plenty of gifts, treats and food for the big day, consider a change for their lifestyle. Try opting for natural alternatives to the food they eat on a daily basis. 

Natural dog food has a plethora of benefits that will aid your dog throughout all of its life stages, whether you opt for a raw food diet or a dry natural alternative.

The ranges of foods that we stock here at the Natural Cornish Pet Shop have been held up against a list of strict criteria, where we make no exceptions. Our criteria includes no fillers just wholesome ingredients fit for the dinner table to high meat content that suits a range of active through to sedentary life style dogs, with a brand to fit all. You will also notice that many of the bags have additional botanicals, herbs and supplements to aid in a well rounded and highly nutritious dinner.

Should you wish to speak with a member of the team on the benefits a natural diet for your dog might bring pop in and visit us in St Erth and we will be happy to help.

For more Christmas Gift Ideas see our Christmas Gift Guide.

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