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Nature doing what it does best – Natural Flea Repellents For Dogs

Nature doing what it does best – Natural Flea Repellents For Dogs

Did you know the hidden benefits that nature provides for keeping fleas at bay?

Have you ever been out for a walk with friends and noticed that one of you seems to be targeted by fly bites more so than the rest? Our diets can play a massive part in keeping pesky insect bites at bay, and this also applies to our four-legged friends.

The best known herbal medicine, garlic has long been revered for its health giving properties, while being a natural repellent to parasites. Trusted as an antibiotic, antiseptic, antiviral and great for maintaining healthy circulation, its benefits are now both better understood and proven by scientific studies.

For easy administration we sell both sugar coated Dorwest Garlic Tablets and Garlic Juice, suitable for dogs and cats, bringing a no fuss approach to providing a natural flea repellent.

CSJ Billy No Mates with its aromatic combination of mint, seaweed, fenugreek, neem leaves and lemon balm is a natural mix that is hated by ticks, fleas and mites. Launched over 10 years ago this mix has a cult following from breeders, trainers and behaviourist for being the gold standard when it comes to a natural flea treatment for dogs. CSJ Billy No Mates also comes in a helpful tincture format with a self dosing bottle.

We would always recommend a combination approach to ensure all bases are covered by adding a splash of either Pennyroyal Shampoo to your dogs grooming regime with its minty scent or WildWash Shampoo Anti-Flea Treatment with its blend of Peppermint and Lavender. WildWash Shampoo also comes with a spray for quick application to top up your natural flea treatment.

Flea management is an ongoing process and should be started in early March, helping your dog in building a natural resilience internally for best results, paired with regularly hovering of your home, especially if you have carpets, the perfect nesting ground for pesky pesks. 

The hot and humid weather that we are experiencing at the moment can aid fleas in flourishing! So keep calm, hoover and get in around the cracks of your home, and where possible wash soft furnishing coverings.

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