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Paleo Ridge Raw Dog Food

Paleo Ridge Raw Dog Food

At Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we are one of the leading supporters of raw dog food in Cornwall. With the benefits of raw dog food beyond measure, it would be hard to convince us that raw dog food is anything other than amazing.

Here’s introducing Paleo Ridge.

Paleo Ridge voted the Best Raw Dog Food in the UK, this brilliant brand of fantastic food prides itself on developing and creating all natural, completely raw and 100% beneficial dog food for our furry friends.

As a stockist of every brand of Paleo Ridge food, we stand behind their passion for producing products to prime dog’s health and nutrition. With over 33 Paleo Ridge products to choose from in a variety of fantastic flavours, if raw food is something you are considering then look no further that Paleo Ridge Raw Dog Food.

Who are they?

Founded in 2014, by Sharon Daly with the help of her eldest son Aaron, Paleo Ridge raw dog food began their first production line. Having previously set up and launched a well-known raw brand into a major retailer, Sharon took her experience and knowledge combined with her doggy nutrition background and formed Paleo Ridge – a company offering high quality, ethically and sustainable sourced Raw Dog Food.

Now an award-winning, family-run, working dog food business based in rural Hampshire, their aim is to consistently provide outstanding quality products and excellent service to customers and their four-legged friends.

Paleo Ridge only uses ingredients of the highest quality with a strong commitment to ethically sourced produce that are organic, free-range or wild where possible. It is because of their tenacious dedication to creating amazing, all-natural produce that the food they develop is wholesome, nutritional and tasty beyond belief.

Why feed raw?

Some of you might ask – what really is the benefit of feeding our furry friends 100% raw food? Raw food (also known as BARF - Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) is a completely natural diet for your pets that is free from processing. From the dawn of time, dogs are carnivorous and have evolved and thrived on raw food for a millions of years - it is what their digestive systems are designed for.

Often raw feeding is commonly mistaken for a new way to feed your dogs, however it has existed long before the creation of man-made dried biscuits. Many would argue that the domestication of the wolf, which has led to the variety of different breeds we have today, has caused dogs to go against their raw meat-eating ancestors. Despite all the different shapes and sizes of our four-legged friends, all dogs have the same anatomy and from skull to dental shape, a dog’s internal anatomy is consistent with carnivorous animals and thus a raw diet has kept our canine companions healthy and full of life since the dawn of time.

Why is raw so good for them? Well think about us humans, we are consistently told to stay healthy and eat a nutritiously balanced diet with as much fresh food as possible so why would our dogs be any different. They need natural food to stay healthy too. A raw diet is the best diet as it contains all the nutrients our pooches love and need.

 Complete Raw Dog Food

The Paleo Ridge core range of complete and balanced meals are easy to digest and packed full of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals which are key to helping your dog lead a healthy, happy and long life.

With quality products starting with quality ingredients, they ensure the highest standard using only sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients. They use Human Grade meats and follow strict controls, to ensure everything sold represents the highest quality products available on the market today.

From Duck Feet to Beef Mince, the flavour profile of Paleo Ridge is endless. No matter what protein takes your pooch’s fancy, Paleo Ridge has something for you. What makes this dog food so incredible is the no waste policy when creating their products. Creating food from quality cuts of meat, carcasses and offal, no parts of your dog’s favourite protein goes to waste. Now that’s something a little bit special.

If you wish to place your dog on a complete raw diet, we always advise speaking to your vet before any major dietary changes.

With prices starting at £1.19, Paleo Ridge raw dog food is not only great for our four-legged friends but it’s great for our pockets too.

See the amazing range of products online or in store.

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So if you are new to raw or an expert, give this award-winning brand a try and see for yourself the incredible benefits of Paleo Ridge and the mighty meaty effects it can have on our four-legged friends.

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