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Say Yes to Seaweed: The Superfood for Dogs

Say Yes to Seaweed: The Superfood for Dogs

For us Cornish residents, encountering seaweed is a daily routine. Washed up on our beautiful beaches, this oceanic plant is actually massively beneficial to us humans and our pets – who would have thought?

Well, for years, this “great, green” superfood has aided our bodies in multitude of healthy ways. From its antioxidant properties to reducing our risk heart disease, Seaweed is the new green food on the market.

When it comes to our pets, Seaweed works in two magical ways - Aiding our dog’s gut health and providing beneficial nutrients for our four-legged friends’ skin and coat – now, this is a superfood we want to know more about.

What Makes Seaweed so great?

Enriched with a massive array of nutrients and minerals, seaweed is packed with everything your dog needs to live a long, happy and healthy life.

Sea veggies are a great source of food for your pets because they are so easy to digest. Rich in amino acids and minerals, they can help balance energy levels, strengthen the immune system and maintain that gorgeous coat and keep skin looking and feeling healthy.

Did you know there are more seaweeds in the ocean than herbs on the planet? What’s even more intriguing is that each variety of seaweed is jam-packed with natural goodness and can literally be found, right on our doorstep, here in Cornwall.

What makes Seaweed so significant is the key mineral many seaweed variants contain – Iodine. Essential for your pet’s health and wellbeing, daily doses of this magic mineral can show significant lifestyle changes and even prolong the life of your furry friend.

But why is Iodine so important?

Beneficial to both us and our pets, a lack of iodine in our pet’s diet can sometimes lead to the following health issues and problems:

  • Lack of energy
  • Unexplainable weight gain (“just can’t seem to get the weight off him”)
  • Poor coat or Hair Loss
  • Intolerance to colds
  • Thyroid issues
  • Heart and Lung problems
  • Extreme nervousness
  • Restlessness and general behavioural issues

With the Kombu variety containing the highest iodine content of all seaweed species, this great green super food is definitely a staple for your dog’s diet that we highly recommend.

Our Top Seaweed Products

Here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we understand that sometimes our pet’s needed a little bit extra alongside their daily food and treats. With a range of super supplements, to increase your dog’s longevity and health, our vitamin and mineral supplements are here to help your pets live a long and happy life.

Dorwest Kelp & Seaweed Powder & Tablets

This super supplement uses a special variety of Kelp, Fucus Vesiculous, to provide a rich source of minerals to promote coat growth and maintain excellent pigmentation for your pet’s all year round.

The kelp used is harvested from sustainable deep sea sources and its British Herbal Pharmacopoeia status shows it contains no heavy metals or contaminants – meaning it’s 100% beneficial to your pet’s health and wellbeing.

Kelp is ideal for balancing glandular functioning in dogs. Combined with its rich source of Iodine, this supplement is essential for stimulating the thyroid gland – meaning your dog’s coat remains shiny and skin remains healthy.

Your dog prone to fleas and ticks? Kelp can also help manage and control flea manifestation in your dog’s skin and coat, meaning no more nasty bites and pink sore bellies!

We recommend Dorwest powder for dogs with dry skin, skin allergies and alopecia (hair loss) as Kelp is significance in improving dry, itchy and irritated skin.

Dorwest tablets are an ideal choice for pets that have lost coat condition or gained weight. It is most often relief of poor hair growth and pigmentation, and to aid in the treatment of obesity.

Concentrated kelp extract is used in these tablets for greater activity.  Can also be used to support a calorie controlled diet in overweight dogs.

Powder Administration:

Administration: 1 teaspoon per 10 kgs bodyweight daily added to the feed

Suitable from: From 8 weeks

Tablet Administration:

Dosage: 1 tablet per 5 kgs bodyweight daily

Shop Dorwest Kelp & Seaweed Powder & Tablets Now!

Read our blog about Dorwest's Product range for more information!

Benevo Seaweed Sticks

Providing a nutritional taste of the sea, these vegan and hypoallergenic tube treats are a fantastic snack to give to your four-legged friends.

These plant based chews, containing a combination of seaweed and sweet-potato, are made from 100% natural ingredients that are both tasty to eat and easy to digest – making them an ideal treat for your furry friend.

What makes Benevo sticks so fantastic is that they are completely hollow so you can carefully stuff them with your pet’s favourite peanut butter for an even better after-dinner treat.

Packed with the greeny goodness of seaweed, these tubes also contain the known superfood – sweet potato - is a rich source of Beta- Carotene providing a natural antioxidant, and also vitamin C to help support your dog’s immune system.

Priced at just 1.99 for 4 tubes, this is definitely a seaweed staple to get your paws on.

Shop Benevo Seaweed Sticks Here, Or Shop the full range of Benevo Natural Dog Chews Here. 

Bursting with nutritional benefits and proven to increase the life of our canine companions, it’s no wonder we stand behind seaweed and encourage you to add a little bit of the ocean into your dog’s diet today.

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