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Staying Safe On Autumn & Winter Walks

Staying Safe On Autumn & Winter Walks

We’ve been embracing the arrival of Autumn at the Natural Cornish Pet Shop, but with it comes the inevitably darker evenings. With only a few weeks until the clocks go back we thought it would be a great time to share with our readers tips for keeping your doggy safe during dark evening walks.

Invest in a Dog Safety Light

A quick an easy way to make your dog stand out is to attach a safety light to their collar. This will help you keep a closer eye on your dog in the dark, as well as making them more noticeable to fellow pedestrians and drivers. This is particularly great for those with darker coats, and those heading out on off-lead adventures. We recommend the Orbiloc safety light for its durability, clever design and clarity of light.

Reflection, Detection!

Similar to the Orbiloc safety light, reflective and brightly coloured accessories will greatly increase your pet’s visibility. A bright lead, collar, jacket or harness with help you spot your pooch from far away. We rate the Hurtta Dazzle Collar and Dazzle Rope Leash which we stock in bright yellow for maximum impact.

Keep Your Dog Warm

At the start of the year in the South West, we experienced one of the most extreme winters in decades. The Natural Cornish Pet Shop was under construction at the time and the entire site was covered in 6 inches of snow! When the temperatures drop, some doggies have difficulties staying warm, especially smaller doggies and those with finer coats. Popping a coat on before venturing outside will aid your dog in staying clean, dry and warm. Check out our range of jackets and coats that will suit even the most stylish of pups.

Dog Walking Spots

Choosing the right spot is even more important when light levels are low. Avoid cliffs edges and road sides wherever possible, and stick to well-lit routes. If in doubt why not book a slot in to Doggy Day Care Cornwall’s secure dog park? The double gated entrance and six foot fences will ensure your dog is safe and secure, and you can enjoy a hot drink from the café to help you stay warm.

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