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  • Our Favourite Ball Toys
    July 2, 2020

    Our Favourite Ball Toys

    Our dogs love them and Wimbledon wouldn’t survive without them. These yellow spherical pieces of fuzzy fun send our dogs into a world of frenzy and have been a staple toy in dog’s homes throughout the course of history. Ideal for games such as fetch, here’s why we are celebrate the power of the tennis ball and what brilliant balls you can find right here at the Natural Cornish Pet Shop!
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  • Doggy...Doggy Cool!
    June 19, 2020

    Doggy...Doggy Cool!

    For us, keeping cool is a simple task. We grab a cool glass of water or seek shade. But for our four-legged friends, sometimes the excitement of a happy family enjoying the glorious sunshine can make them overheat without them realising. For our pets, they simply cannot say “I’m too hot”, so keeping an eye on our pets, especially in warmer seasons, is of the upmost importance.

    As the British weather become more and more appealing, many of us are planning days out with our furry friends. But how can we enjoy the sun whilst keeping our pets pawfectly cool? Well, we have the answer. At the Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we love making life easier, and doing what we can to help our fellow animal lovers. So as the temperatures rises, here’s our amazing ways to keep your pet cool this summer!

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