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  • Help Keep Your Dog Itch-Free!
    July 3, 2020

    Help Keep Your Dog Itch-Free!

    Environmental factors, pests and even diets can cause havoc upon our pet’s skin and leaving their skin irritated and itchy. One factor we believe causes more cases of irritated skin than anything else is food intolerances to everyday ingredients that can be found in many dog’s food across the market.

    But do not fear, the Natural Cornish Pet Shop are here, and we have lots of solutions to eradicate itchy and scratchy skin, leaving your four-legged friend soothed and itch-free, leaving more time to do the things they love.

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  • Treat Yourself to Something Natural
    June 30, 2020

    Treat Yourself to Something Natural

    From chews to biscuits, those extra special bites of brilliance that we give for great behaviour should be just as healthy as the daily food in their bowl. No preservatives, additives or nonsense ingredients fill up the treats at the Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we only sell all-natural treats that showcase the best Mother Nature has to offer.

    But what’s the difference in our treats? What sets them apart from each other? Well, here at our shop, no two of our brands are the same. Each making their treats in a variety of natural ways, every single one of our brands is special and significant because of the special way they create their tasty treats. From air-dried to traditionally baked, here’s everything you need to know about how our treats are made and which ones are best for your four-legged friend.

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  • Our Best Grain-Free Brands
    June 19, 2020

    Our Best Grain-Free Brands

    Our scientific understanding of the impact gluten has on human health has led to the creation of millions on gluten-free and wheat-free alternatives in leading supermarkets, and this is no different for our pets.

    Companies across the pet food industry now are becoming Grain-Free, meaning our four-legged friends’ food is packed with wholesome, nutritional goodness that leaves their skin itch-free and their bellies full each and every day!

    With more benefits of going grain-free than we can possibly write down, here’s our favourite grain-free brands that will give your dogs everything they need for a long and happy life!

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  • Great Food from Middle Earth
    June 9, 2020

    Great Food from Middle Earth

    We would like to introduce you to a brand that has had our dog’s tails wagging since we first opened the store. Here’s introducing Ziwipeak.

    Ziwipeak produce fantastic, flavoursome food all the way from the beautiful New Zealand. If your pet is looking to upgrade their daily dinners – here’s why Ziwipeak is everything that they need and more.

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  • Christmas Offers
    December 12, 2018

    Christmas Offers

    We’re dedicated to providing the best possible price for our customers all year round, and Christmas is no exception! For those looking for great offers on dog themed Christmas gifts, long lasting dog toys and natural dog treats look no further than our Christmas deals…!
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  • Naturally Christmas
    December 6, 2018

    Naturally Christmas

    As the seasons wiz by and we find ourselves crashing into December, it can be hard to not find yourself caught up in the madness.

    Our theme this year is keeping things simple! What is necessary, what will last beyond Christmas day, and be a gift that keeps on giving.

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  • Christmas Gift Guide
    December 6, 2018

    Christmas Gift Guide

    Dog Themed Christmas Gifts, Dog Toys & Natural Dog Treats Whether you're looking for festive treats for your four-legged friend or doggy themed Christmas gifts for human loved ones, we've got a wonderful selection of gifts, treats and home wares. If...

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  • Why Natural Dog Treats?
    November 9, 2018

    Why Natural Dog Treats?

    In the same way that you wouldn’t feed children copious amounts of artificially flavoured sweets, chocolates and drinks laden with unreadable additive and e-numbers, you shouldn't feed 'fast food' treats to man’s best friend. With many dog treats on the market containing, in some cases, proven toxic ingredients, it is time to talk about how important it is to #readthelabel when it comes to our dog's food and treats.
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