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The Best Way To Feed Raw

The Best Way To Feed Raw

Raw feeding on a week by week, month by month basis is getting easier, more accessible and more affordable.

Long gone are the days where it was necessary to pull out your calculator, trawl along to your butcher and make a Frankenstein meal up for your four-legged friend, now convenience has come to the party and we are here to match make you with the best way to feed raw to fit your budget.

Let's start by talking about the difference of feeding Complementary vs Complete raw dog food. Some of you will be thinking that your already out of your comfort zone, so lets explain the difference:

Complete Raw Dog Food

The hint is in the name. It is complete. A complete raw dog food that will provide your dog with all the required levels of nutrition it needs regardless of age, ability or lifestyle, ready to defrost and go! Just like a ready meal.

Complementary Raw Dog Food

This is your ‘Do It Your Self ‘ raw dog food, a step on from where the Butcher was your only access to muscle meat, offal and bone, now most leading raw dog food suppliers will bring you first and foremost an amazing array of complementary minces, chunks and chews from a plethora of exotic to home grown protein sources, ready for you to do the maths on creating your very on raw dog food. Prior to shopping ensure you grasp which raw method you wish to follow - between the prey model and barf styles. There are merits in both methodologies and our approach recommends keeping yourself open to the way in which your dog responds to the change in diet, you will naturally find one way of raw feeding for your dog will better fit their needs, and at the end of the day that is what raw feeding is all about!

Prey Model Raw

The Prey Model Raw (PMR) diet eliminates processed foods and provides dogs with a natural diet that mimics what their ancestors and wild cousins consumed. A complete PMR diet is based on whole, wild prey animals and does not include plant ingredients.” – Perfectly Rawsome 


BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food Diet) is an alternative raw diet designed to provide dogs with a modified homemade diet that consists of raw muscle meat and raw meaty bones, as well as vegetables and fruits while eliminating all processed foods. – Perfectly Rawsome

When starting out, start simple. 'Keep it simple stupid' some might say! This is a whole new world of opportunity and your going to want to ease your way in, so we recommend starting with the Natures Menu Country Hunter Raw Nuggets, these meaty grain free morsel are the perfect combination of meat, vegetables and botanicals in beautiful portioned raw balls, read the guidelines on the back and then simply pour and defrost. 

As you progress in confidence enjoy the variety and freedom that raw feeding can provide and if you need any help be sure to get in touch with a member of our team!

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