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Top Tips for Reducing Anxiety in Dogs on Bonfire Night

Top Tips for Reducing Anxiety in Dogs on Bonfire Night

With Bonfire Night just around the corner we're all getting ready to enjoy some of the spectacular fireworks displays on offer along the Cornish Coast. Many of our furry friends however, tend not to enjoy the loud noises and vibrations and often dogs can find the occasion stressful. 

There's plenty of ways to keep your doggy calm, both with simple at home DIYs, as well as our range of natural soothers. So here are our top tips for reducing anxiety in dogs on Bonfire Night:

Leading up to the Fireworks

Try Dorwest's Scullcap and Valerian  - Containing valerian, mistletoe, scullcap and gentian, this natural herbal medicine helps to calm dogs without causing drowsiness or sedation. Ideally these tablets are started one month in advance, but even a few days on these tablets can aid to reduce anxiety in dogs.

Plan your walks early, to avoid clashing with any displays. A lengthy walk will also help to tire your dog, leaving them calm and relaxed.

Create space for your pet to hide, if they feel the need to do so. An open crate with pillows and blankets in a quiet room is perfect, or you might find that your dog gravitates towards being under the kitchen table.

Use heavy blankets under doorways and over crates or beds to insulate sound and vibrations. 

During the fireworks displays 

Use Dorwest Valerian Compound as a top up for your Scullcap and Valerian tablets. This easy to use liquid formula provides a calming boost in the event your dog becomes anxious on the night. These concentrated herbal extracts can be administered directly in to the mouth or on top of food, and work within 30 minutes, to create a noticeable change in behaviour without causing drowsiness.

Try True Hemp Calming Treats if you're on the go. These treats incorporate hemp and other active ingredients in a dental-stick to help keep dog's teeth clean whilst supporting the reduction of tension in our most sensitive companions.

Use positive activities to distract your dog. Activities, treasure hunts and calming videos will all help to distract your dog and keep them calm. Stay with your dog, in a calm and happy manner, to help reassure them that nothing is wrong. 

A lighter dinner will leave more room for evening treats, which will help your dog to build positive associations with fireworks. 

Mask loud noises with the television or radio. Using sounds that your dog is already familiar with him or her to feel secure. 

The earlier you get prepared for evenings like Bonfire Night the better, but fear not! It's not too late to put most of these tips into practise and anything you can do to help create a more secure and calm environment for your dog will help to make this time of year more enjoyable. 

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