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Why Fish Is Our Catch Of The Day

Why Fish Is Our Catch Of The Day

When purchasing food for our pets, many of us know how much our dogs love their meat. From chicken to lamb, our furry friends tend to gobble up their favourite staple ingredients time and time again. But aside from the likes of beef and chicken, there has been a rise in the popularity of fish products that are hitting our pooch’s shelves.

With the trend of leading dog brands such as Canagan Dog and Cat Food, Forthglade and Akela using fish as a primary ingredient in their dry and wet food, it appears the feeling for a fishy treat is on the rise with our four-legged friends.

Why Fish?

Unlike other proteins, fish provides an extreme amount of Omega 3 which has a range of health benefits not just to dogs but to humans too. There will be some of you out there that know the power of those Cod Liver Oil capsules as they squeamishly slide down our throats.

Fish is a fantastic, easily digestible protein source for our canine companions. For dogs that tend to suffer with digestive upsets, liver or kidney disease, a daily source of fish can be massively beneficial to their wellbeing. Being relatively low in saturated fats and empty calories, any source of fish is brilliant for those pooches that need a helping hand in weight control.

Stuffed with the essential fatty acid, Omega 3, which is a proven anti-inflammatory and helps with skin & coat condition, mobility and even cardiac health, fish, is a protein that we would choose, time and time again.

So to showcase the fishy fabulous of Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we have selected some of our fishy favourite brands that will leave your pooch craving a little something special from within the sea and tantalise their tastebuds to the very last bite.

Just Fish Natural Fish Cubes For Dogs

At Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we know how important fish is in a dog’s diet. Rich in Omega 3 providing key nutrients for joint health and skin and coat perfection, our crunchy, healthy and tasty fish snacks are the wonder snack for your furry friend.

All natural and air dried, the 100% white fish contained treats are perfect when it comes to wholesome, low fat, omega-rich, natural, grain-free dog treats. Made with sustainably caught fish from UK waters, these Cornish fish snacks contain no additives or preservatives. Not only are these little treats rich in nutrients, they are also incredibly low in fat meaning they are the ideal treat for the pooches out there who are trying to keep fit and trim.

Our amazing range of Just Fish treats come in a variety of incredible flavours. Our best-selling Salmon & Potato Cookies are a grain-free and wholesome treat, brilliant for an on-the-go snack or a great addition to a raw food diet. Also in the Just Fish Fish Cubes for dogs is our delicious crunchies which are crispy and crunchy white fish skins, perfect for keeping plaque at bay.

We have some fantastic flavours in our Just Fish range and if you fancy a flavour of fish in your dog’s bowl, then check out our range of terrific treats ranging from £3.99.

Green & Wilds Fish Deli Cubes

Hypoallergenic and Gluten-Free, these scrumptiously small Ocean Cubes are caught in our British waters and naturally dried to keep in all of that fishy goodness. These all natural treats are ideal for removing tartar from teeth and help provide a beautiful shiny coat due to being packed with Omega 3.

Here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we adore pet products that are made from all natural and incredible ingredients. Green & Wilds avoid any fussiness and only include the best of British produce in their food. Made from 100% fish skin, their fish cubes for dogs are as healthy as they are natural and provide the best reward or training treat, so if your dog has done well don’t be shellfish and give them a fishy treat they will come back for again and again and again.

In addition to their incredible ingredients, choosing this fishy treat is massively beneficial to your dog’s health and wellbeing. Easy on digestion and great for removing tartar from teeth, the powers of Omega 3 are highly visible after giving these to your four-legged friend. You will see an improvement in their skin, their coat condition and supposedly increased intelligence & training ability. We really can’t stress enough how incredible Omega 3 is for your pets.

Try for yourself and grab a bag of Green & Wilds fish cubes for dogs for £3.99 today.

Natures Menu Superfood Bars

Natures Menu Superfood bars are made using a handful (and more) of natural ingredients providing your dog with the ideal healthy snack. Quality fish, fruit and veg are blended with superfoods and gently air-dried to retain the goodness and flavour that your dog will love.

Showcasing the powers of fishy goodness is their Salmon & White fish bar made with cranberries and kelp. The finest pieces of salmon and white fish are mixed with the super berry, cranberry, and kelp to provide a highly nutritious and anti-oxidant snack that will keep your pet in optimum health.

Rich in protein and great for all dogs, these tasty and delicious treats are free from artificial colours and preservatives making them a wholesome, amazing snack for your dogs to enjoy alongside their daily meals.

Natures Superfood Bars priced at £2.49

So when you are on the hunt for the next terrific treat, catch yourself some of our fishy fabulousness and give your four-legged friend some fantastic, all-natural goodness.

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