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  • Caring for Cornish Charities
    January 23, 2021

    Caring for Cornish Charities

    Cornwall is home to some of the most incredible animal charities in the country. Supporting both wildlife and domesticated animals throughout the UK, our Cornish coastline is carried by charities dedicated to helping support the lives of animals inside and outside of our homes. 

    Providing love and care for pets, wildlife and sea life in our surrounding area, Cornwall really is a beacon for how much this country is dedicated to ensuring that animals, no matter how big or small, enjoy the best possible lives they can. 

    With some of the most amazing charities just a stone’s throw away from both our Natural Cornish Pet Shop and Doggy Day Care, here’s how you can help your local charities and how your little bit can help a lot this winter. 

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  • Peanuts for your Pooch
    January 22, 2021

    Peanuts for your Pooch

    As one of the most well-loved treats for our four-legged friend, on the 24th January, the world comes together to celebrate the scrumptious spread our pets have come to know and love – Peanut Butter! Providing our pooches with a tablespoon or more of goodness, this wholesome and tasty treat is everything your dog needs when their lips twitch for some nutty pawfection. 

    Here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we love peanut butter so much we decided to create our very own. Filled with all-natural and wholesome ingredients, our peanut butter is 100% safe for dogs and packed with pawfulls of protein to keep their tails wagging each and every day. So with Peanut Butter Day just around the corner and the benefits more blissful than we can imagine, here’s why the next treat you should pick up should be packed with peanuts. 

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  • Why Do Dogs Chew?
    January 21, 2021

    Why Do Dogs Chew?

    It would be impossible to gaze upon the households of the world and not find a canine who doesn't love to chew on something. From bones to dental sticks, our dogs adore crashing their gnashers against something hard and chewy. Chews represent some of the best-selling products on the pet food market.

    With chewing also providing a whole host of health benefits for our four-legged friends, it can play a significant part in our dog’s life. From their puppy jaws biting onto toys, furniture and even our fingers to golden oldies grasping dental chews to keep their gnashers in tip top shape – our dogs love to chew and here’s why. 

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  • Places to Prance
    January 21, 2021

    Places to Prance

    As National Walk your Dog Month is celebrated across the UK, dog owners around the country are being encouraged to grab their coats and leads and see something new with their four-legged friends. There is no better time to explore our classic Cornish coastline than this month.

    What makes Cornwall one of the best areas to celebrate this fantastic month? Well, it’s all of our incredible locations of course! Pawfect places surrounded by sublime scenery, there really is no better location to enjoy some outdoor time with your pet this National Walk your Dog Month. From blissful beaches to woodland wonders, there really is no place like the South West when it comes to walking this winter. Home to some of the most idyllic surroundings in the UK, here’s where you can enjoy a pawfect prance this January. 

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  • Canagan for Cats
    January 20, 2021

    Canagan for Cats

    As one of the leading foods in the pet food market, Canagan has stormed the industry since its arrival a few years ago and since then has developed a range of wet and dry food for our feline friends. Focusing on nutritious and wholesome ingredients that are packed into their range of fantastic food, Canagan for Cats is exactly what your mog needs for a balanced and delicious diet. 

    Here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we adore brands that put their heart and soul into the food and treats they create. At Canagan, each and every recipe is specially designed and tested before it even graces the bowls of our four-legged friends. Created from the finest ingredients found right here on British soil, here’s why Canagan Cat Food really is the best in the South West. 

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  • Pawfect Durable Toys
    January 19, 2021

    Pawfect Durable Toys

    Finding a toy that doesn’t break or shred can be problematic for a pooch that likes to play rough. With high street toys and balls often breaking upon impact with excited chewers and tuggers, brands in the business have put their brains in gear to create a range of toys that are tough no matter how rough the play. 

    With a range of extra durable toys created with specially designed tough exteriors, no matter how tough your chewer might be – we have a pawfect product for you. As playtime is fundamental at every stage in your dog’s life, no dog should miss out on their favourite toy or ball just because they play a little rougher than others. So with everything from rope pulls to durable balls, pick up a tough toy today and enjoy watching your pooch play without any mess or fuss. 

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  • Trek with Treats
    January 19, 2021

    Trek with Treats

    From meaty mouthfuls to fishy favourites, our dogs really do love a good old treat. Providing rewards for positive behaviour inside and outside the house, treats can be a fundamental tool in securing the bond between you and four-legged friend. 

    With National Walk your Dog Month celebrated across the month of January, we are encouraging you more than ever to walk in the wilderness with your furry friend in tow. From blissful beach wanders to woodland strolls, there is no better time to walk your dog than right here and now. But for times when your pooch needs a little extra TLC and reinforcement when out and about, here’s a list of our top tasty treats that are ideal to take with you on your trek in the great outdoors. 

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  • Goodness for Golden Oldies
    January 18, 2021

    Goodness for Golden Oldies

    No matter what stage in our lives, we all know the importance of looking after our bodies. From caring for teeth to keeping our joints healthy, ensuring we stay in tip top shape can lead to longer and much happier lives. 

    Just like us, our pet’s bodies age and as they get older, our dogs show signs that they aren’t as young as they used to be. From aching muscles to painful joints, supplementing our dog’s diets with a little extra TLC can really make the difference and improve both the health and wellbeing of our golden oldies. From pawfect paste to our tasty range, our products can provide everything you to need to keep your older dogs tails wagging all day long.

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  • Helping Our Health
    January 17, 2021

    Helping Our Health

    From keeping us smiling to encouraging exercise, there are a million ways we can be thankful for our pets this year. As many of us still face isolation from our friends and loved ones, our pets have been our very own furry support bubbles keeping our spirits strong in this strangest of years. 

    With the rise in pet adoption and pet sales on the increase since the government announced a national lockdown in March, many have really seen just how significant our four-legged friends can be. Boosting both our mental and physical health, owning a pet has a whole heap of health benefits and really does amplify exactly why they are known as man’s best friend. 

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