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  • Perfect Patés For Your Dog
    July 30, 2021

    Perfect Patés For Your Dog

    One essential ingredient of the modern English picnic, alongside the traditional breads, cheeses and fruits, surely has to be a delicious paté. From Brussels and Ardennes to Mushroom and Herb, these magnificent morsels are a perfect accompaniment to a warm day spent outside eating and drinking with your loved ones.

    At Natural Cornish Pet we know that there's one member of the family that absolutely adores an adventure in the great outdoors and has a penchant for meaty al-fresco treats, the dog! There's nothing more our canine companions like than letting loose in the great outdoors and if you can add a meaty treat to that, doggy heaven! At Natural Cornish Pet we are constantly striving to improve our selection of all natural products for your pets and when it comes to paté for your dog we've got it covered.

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  • Pollen And your Pet: Managing Hay Fever In Cats And Dogs
    July 28, 2021

    Pollen And Your Pet: Managing Hay Fever In Cats And Dogs

    As the Summer rolls on and temperatures continue to stay high, it feels like heaven here in Cornwall as we can fully enjoy the beautiful beaches and wonderful walks this part of the country has to offer. However, we know there are some of us that dread the warm and dry weather as it signals the onset of hay fever, and as you may or may not know this sadly can affect our perfect pets too.

    At Natural Cornish Pet we have had many years of experience in looking after animals and have picked up a few tips about how to manage a cat’s or dog's hay fever along the way.

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  • All Natural Dog Foods And Treats from Forthglade
    July 26, 2021

    All Natural Dog Foods And Treats from Forthglade

    In the South West of England for many years there has been a friendly rivalry between the Cornish and those from Devon. Whether it's an argument over which place the pasty is from, who has got the best beaches or what the right order is for the jam and the clotted cream on a cream tea is best, this lighthearted conflict is something everyone in this area of the world is aware of.

    At Natural Cornish Pet we sometimes have to set aside our differences and cross the River Tamar into Devon for the sake of providing our customers with the best products for their pets. One Devonian company making some of the best dog food and treats around is the fabulous Forthglade. Forthglade make some of the best quality all natural meals and dog treats around and at Natural Cornish Pet we are proud to stock a huge range of their brilliant products, even despite the fact they're probably making their cream teas wrong!

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  • Soft Toys And Your Dog
    July 24, 2021

    Soft Toys And Your Dog

    As dog owners we all know there's not many things that are more important in your dog's life than their favourite soft toy. Whether it’s a bear for taking out a little boisterousness on or a friend to snuggle up to in their basket, a pooch’s preferred soft toy is never too far away.

    At Natural Cornish Pet we know the importance of our furry friend's favourite toy and a little bit about why they love them so much. So if you've ever wondered why your dog won't be separated from their soft toy or which one might be the best option for your pooches playtime then read on!

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  • Green & Wilds: Tremendous Treats For Your Dog
    July 23, 2021

    Green & Wilds: Tremendous Treats For Your Dog

    Whether it's a reward for training, a delicious morsel to supplement your dog’s diet or just a little gift for your favourite furry friend to strengthen the bond between the two of you, a good treat is an essential for all dog owners. At Natural Cornish Pet all of our dog treats are sourced from industry leading producers of all natural and wholesome pet foods, so you can be assured of quality as well the healthiest choices for your dogs.

    When it comes to the treats themselves, we believe that only the finest ingredients and manufacturing processes will do, and when we are searching for products that will grace our shelves we look for only the very best. A company that produces some of the best treats we've seen and one that we are proud to work with is the brilliant Green & Wilds. 

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  • The Benefits of Botanicals For Your Pet
    July 20, 2021

    The Benefits of Botanicals For Your Pet

    The benefits of botanicals and herbs have been utilised by humans as medicaments and in grooming for centuries and the same can be said for their use in curing pet ailments and beautifying them too. Many modern medicines still have their basis in naturally occurring plants, examples include aspirin which is made from certain willow barks and some heart medicines which base their chemistry on that of the digitalis, more commonly known as foxglove.

    At Natural Cornish Pet we have a range of all natural treats, supplements and foods that use some of these magical plants and can help to keep your pets as healthy as can be. From Valerian, to keep those anxious dogs and cats calm, to fresh breath treats for your dogs that are loaded with peppermint and rosemary, using the best of what mother nature has to offer and keeping your pets diets wholesome and all natural is always at the heart of every product we stock. 

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  • Hot Weather Walkies
    July 18, 2021

    Hot Weather Walkies

    As the temperatures begin to rise again over Cornwall we need to start considering the welfare of our canine companions just that little bit more. With walks being a necessity for maintaining the healthiest of hounds, it's paramount that we plan routes that will provide ways for our best friends to stay cool, calm and collected. 

    At Natural Cornish Pet above all else is our commitment to keeping your animals as wholesome and healthy as can be. So, this summer we have pooled together our years of pet expertise to provide you, our awesome customers, with some handy hints and tips to keep your dogs safe when out and about when the temperatures are soaring. We've also picked a couple of our favourite walks here in West Cornwall to take your dogs when it's too hot for your usual routes. 

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  • Improving Dog and Cat Gut Health With Verm-X at Natural Cornish Pet
    July 16, 2021

    Improving Dog and Cat Gut Health With Verm-X at Natural Cornish Pet

    More and more of us are becoming aware of the importance of gut health in aiding a healthy lifestyle, with products such as kombucha, kefir and probiotic drinks becoming increasingly popular it's no wonder that some smart people have decided to turn their hand to the gut health of our pets too. 

    As a company Natural Cornish Pet is dedicated to helping pet owners maintain the wellbeing of all their favourite furry friends. We do this by loading our shelves full of the very best of pet foods, treats and supplements that are all natural, wholesome and affordable. We are constantly striving to expand our range of brilliant products and welcome as many of the best all natural pet product producers the world has to offer in our shop.

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  • Skin & Coat Care For Cats
    July 12, 2021

    Skin & Coat Care For Cats

    Being a cat person is not just about having a cat, it's a way of life, as you'll know if you've ever owned one of these abstruse animals. Top of the to do list when leading this wonderful way of life is keeping your magical moggies as happy and healthy as they can be.

    One of the most important things when keeping your cat in tip top condition is to look after their skin and coat. A cat's furry finery is not only a way to attract a mate and to stay camouflaged when on a mouse hunt, but is also absolutely essential to the health of our feline friends too. Helping with body temperature control, protecting them from infection and even acting as a vital source of vitamin D3, their skin and coat are absolutely essential and keeping them as healthy as possible should always be a priority. 

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