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A Charity We Trust

A Charity We Trust

When it comes to caring for our pets, we pride ourselves in knowing what is best for your canine companions and feline friends.

Here at the Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we are proud to stock food and treats that are both great for your pet’s wellbeing and environmentally friendly. As advocates in improving pet health and wellbeing, we adore businesses that go the extra mile when it comes to caring for our furry friends.

Based just down the road from us, in the heart of Hayle, The Cinnamon Trust are a dedicated charity for caring for the terminally ill, and their pets, with the upmost love and support. With masses of charities available for those in need, what makes The Cinnamon Trust stand out to us is their ability to nurture the relationship between owners and their pets right up until their very last moments together.

As pet adorers, there is nothing we worry about more, than what may happen to our pets when we are here no longer there to look after them. The Cinnamon Trust dedicate their time, research and care into ensuring the last moments of their resident’s lives is spent with the comfort of their pets, and the knowledge that their pets will be cared for no matter what the conclusion.

So with years of service under their belts, here’s why we just adore the Cinnamon Trust and all the amazing work they do.

What is the Cinnamon Trust?

The Cinnamon Trust

The Trust was founded in 1985 by Mrs Averil Jarvis, who dedicated her life to ensure that elderly and terminally ill people had all the support they need for themselves and their pets. Just as Mrs Jarvis was starting her work to develop the charity, her beloved Corgi, Cinnamon, passed away at the grand age of 17, so it only seemed appropriate to name the Trust in her memory.

The Cinnamon Trust is the only specialist national charity who seeks to relieve the anxieties, problems, and sometimes injustices that are faced by elderly and terminally ill people and their pets, thereby saving a great deal of human sadness and animal suffering.

What do they do?

Their primary objective is to respect and preserve the treasured relationship between owners and their pets. To this end, the trust works in partnership with owners to overcome any difficulties that might arise whilst in the trust’s care. A national network of over 17,000 community service volunteers has been established to provide practical help when any aspect of day-to-day care poses a problem – for example, walking the dog for a housebound owner.

They are linked with a national fostering service which provides owners with support with their pets when they may face a spell in hospital – volunteers take pets into their own homes and supply love and care in abundance until the owner and their pet can be reunited.

Care for Pets

The Cinnamon Trust also provides long term care for pets whose owners have passed away, or who have moved to residential accommodation which will not accept pets. Arrangements are made between owners and the Trust well in advance, so owners can have the peace of mind knowing that their beloved companion will have a safe and happy future.

When a pet is in the Trust’s care, either short term or long term because the owner is in care, the owner is kept in touch with visits where possible, or regular photos and letters. This really is a Trust that dedicates its work to ensuring that pet owners and their animals are provided with all the love and support they need in the most difficult of times. Can they be any more amazing?

The importance of animal relationships

It is widely known that pets can positively benefit the well-being of elderly owners. For many elderly people living on their own, their pets are their reason for living and keep them going when times are tough. Pets act as constant companion, being on hand 24 hours a day, every day and can often be the only regular contact elderly people may face.

Their pets can be comforting, loving and protective of their owners – not only from outside threats, but also offering the more subtle form of protection from loneliness and despair.

Pets are warm and intensely loyal. They do not criticise, they boost morale, and can massively help in reducing stress by providing emotional security, alongside helping owners stick to a routine. Pets have the ability to bring happiness, laughter and lift depression. Communication with other people is often easier when a pet is present for reassurance.

The special relationship between an owner and their pet adds to anyone’s quality of life, but all the pleasures and benefits can be completely neutralised by intense anxiety regarding the fate of their devoted companion should the owner die, fall ill, or have to move to residential accommodation that isn't pet-friendly. If an ‘old faithful’ dies, elderly owners are often very reluctant to have another pet for these reasons, and life for them loses much of its warmth, light and purpose.

The Cinnamon Trust relives those anxieties and reassures those in the care of the trust that no matter what happens to them, their pets will be adored and well and truly looked after. The Cinnamon Trust excels in its ability to provide nurturing devotion to both the humans and animals under their care and because of this, we believe it is one of the best charities we have ever known.

To learn more and get support, Visit the The Cinnamon Trust website here.

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