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A Guide to Green Pet Ownership

A Guide to Green Pet Ownership

As animal owners we all know the importance of creating a society that is more in touch with nature than it currently is, and with more governments, businesses and individuals committing to creating a more sustainable life we can all help in this together. By making greener choices we can reduce our carbon foot and paw-prints and make a greener and healthier planet for us all. 

At Natural Cornish Pet we understand that caring for the environment around us is as important as caring for our pets and we have been working with this in mind since our shop first opened in 2014. From a range of multi buys and bulk deals to a plethora of products with sustainable packaging, as well as our very own plastic free self packaged products, we are doing the most we can to aid our customers in reducing their carbon pawprints.

When it comes to the products we produce ourselves, we have always maintained the very highest of standards and source all of our ingredients as locally as possible, reducing the food miles for your pet, and on top of that we sustainably source all of our meats and fish. When it comes to creating pet foods, treats and chews that are not only good for your pet but for the world around them too Natural Cornish Pet are ahead of the game.

To help all of you to decide on the best ways to help reduce your carbon pawprint we have picked a few of our favourite brands, our best bulk buys and some of very own delicious creations, that are being consciously created, with the planet and your pet's best interest at heart.

Bulk Buying

One of the simplest ways of improving our carbon pawprints is to reduce the amount of plastic packaging we use. Here at Natural Cornish Pet many of our products are available to bulk buy, reducing food miles and unnecessary packaging. As well as this all of our own brand treats and chews are available in bulk and are sent out to our customers in recycled card boxes that are re-recyclable too! We are always increasing the products that are available in bulk deals and have a section of our website dedicated to them, so get shopping today and reduce the packaging you and your pooch use. 

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Chews Treats And Foods

Here at Natural Cornish Pet we are committed to providing not only natural, nutritious chews, food and treats but ones that are good for the environmentally conscious customer too. We have picked some of our best sellers and some of our favourite products that are best for pets and the planet.

Natural Cornish Pet Chews & Treats 

As stated above many of our own brand products are available in bulk and are sent out in recycled and recyclable packaging. We also make sure any of the ingredients used are sustainably sourced and found from the most local suppliers as possible. This includes our Cornish Peanut Butter, fish treats and dried meat treats and antlers. We have a huge range that will satisfy even the most discerning of furry friends and will keep the size of their carbon pawprint in check too.

Natural Cornish Pet Treats
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Created by some of the best brains here at Natural Cornish Pet, Aflora is not only grain free meaning it's great for pets with allergies, but is made with 100% recyclable packaging, is constructed with all local and sustainable ingredients and is available in bulk buy sizes. Created in the heart of Cornwall we think that we have the best of produce to choose from too, making the best possible food for you and your dog we can.

With all of this and natural Omega-3 too, for dogs in need of a little extra boost of good fats in their diet, which help to improve joint, skin and fur heath, Aflora is a great choice for your dog and for staying eco friendly. 

Earth, animal and owner friendly this all Cornish brand has ethics at the heart of everything they do making it an easy choice for those of us who love the environment as much as we love our furry friends. 

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Paleo Ridge

Industry leaders in the raw pet food world, this Hampshire based dog food company have ethics and sustainability at the centre of their business plan. Not only are all the foods designed by Paleo Ridge carefully crafted to meet all of your dogs needs, all of the meat that is contained within their products are sourced from suppliers who stand up to the very highest of standards and this isn't even the best part. 

Paleo Ridge has designed all of their wholesale products to contain no plastics at all, so when we get our supply it's all wrapped up in special wool based packaging and there isn't any polystyrene in sight. On top of this all their direct product packaging is compostable and they have made sure that this is all available whilst still being competitive on price. So, when it comes to ethical brands Paleo Ridge is up there with the best.

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So, when it comes to keeping your pets happy and making the right choices for the environment too, look no further than Natural Cornish Pet. From our bulk buy deals to our locally and sustainably sourced own brands, we have a range of products that can keep your carbon pawprint the right size.

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