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A Guide to KONG Products

A Guide to KONG Products

As one of the leading brands for pet toys around the world, there is no toy your dog won’t love with KONG. 

Created with pet’s play needs in mind, KONG are dedicated to designing pet toys that give our pets all the stimulation and soothing they need to live a long and happy life. From durable chews for even the strongest of chompers to pawfect plushes for those snugglier days, KONG has everything you need to treat your pet to a selection of tremendous toys this winter. 

The Classic KONG

It would be hard to find a pooch on this earth that doesn’t love KONG. With a soft feel for a satisfying chew and durable to withstand those extra playful days, from design to birth, these chews ensures dog keep engaged and ready to play. What makes them extra special is their multi-functional use. Stuff it, throw it, play with it, this amazing toy can be made for a dog’s best part of their day – the time they are ready to play!

Its design even has an interesting story. Fitz (KONGS CEO’s dog) found an old suspension from his owners Voltzwagen and its distinctive snowman shape and durable rubber became the base design for KONG’s classic toy we know and love today. We recommend stuffing your dog’s Classic KONG with peanut butter for tremendous treat that will keep their paws busy and lip smacking right until the last chomp.

KONG Classic
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KONG Extreme

Made with the highest durable rubber, KONG’s Extreme Range features the same strong design as their classic toy range but with double the strength and durability. Designed with a sleek black colouring, these tough chews are ideal for the strongest of chompers and chewers. Enriching and supporting a dog’s natural instinct to chew, these toys are a fantastic way to keep their shredding days at bay and satiate their need to chomp all day long.

KONG Extreme
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Pawfect Plushes

From adorable alligators to blissful bears, KONG has a range of perfect plushes to give your dog all the snuggly soothing they need in times of comfort, anxiety or stress. Ideal from puppies onwards, these cute members of their toy family will be their best of friends in no time. 

KONG Wild Knots Bear 

We all have a bear in our hearts. And it’s no different for our four-legged friends. KONG Wild Knots Bear, takes the image of the cute, cuddly teddy bear and transforms him into a soft but durable toy that your dog will forever hold close to their heart.

With the knotted skeleton and reinforced plush body, your dog will fall head over paws for this patchwork beauty. With a design to provide extra durability, less stuffing for less mess and an adorable squeaker results in a toy perfect to entice play and cuddle for quieter times. The Wild Knots bear is definitely one bear, they will never forget.

KONG Wild Knots Bear
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KONG Cozies

The KONG Cozies are cute, soft and cuddly plush toys made with an extra layer of material, so they are extra tough.

Soft and luxuriously cuddly plush toys that great for snuggle time comfort. Made with an extra layer of material for added strength, the KONG Cozie range is an ideal toy for softer chew sessions and indoor fun. 

KONG Cozies
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    Catnip Craze

    Here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we love anything that helps build better relationships between us and our four-legged friends. KONG’s selection of catnip infused toys will keep your kitty occupied for moments of feline fun.

    KONG Refillables

    KONG Purrsonalities Refillable Catnip toys keep engagement and toys lively, extending kitty's play sessions. They are an ideal way to make playtime fun last longer as KONG Refillable Catnip toys pair cuddly plush with an engaging Premium Catnip delight. 

    KONG Premium North American Catnip is an all-natural addition to pique a cat's natural instincts Refillable cuddly toy for playtime KONG Premium Catnip included Easy open pouch for on-going fun.

    KONG Refillables
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    KONG Catnip Snake Teaser

    The KONG Snake Teaser is perfect for fun, interactive play and a great way to strengthen the bond between you and your cat. Irresistible feathers and unpredictable movement will stimulate your feline friend’s natural hunting instincts and provide beneficial exercise. The Snake Teaser is sure to bring out the playful tiger in any cat. Durable and safe, this item is for supervised play only meaning your feline can have all the fun whilst being safe and secure.

    KONG Catnip Snake
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    With a range of tremendous toys for all your four-legged friends, no matter if you have a cat or dog, your pet will have the best toys in town with KONG. 

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