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ZiwiPeak - A Taste of New Zealand

ZiwiPeak - A Taste of New Zealand

Bored of the same old wet food for your four-legged friend? Why not give them a taste of something a little extra special. 

As dry dog food takes up a significant portion of the dog food market, more and more businesses are turning the volume up on the wet food they create. Featuring succulent cuts of our furry friends' favourite proteins, wet food is nutritionally dense and full of ingredients they love. Created from the heart of New Zealand, ZiwiPeak Wet Food is taking the pet food market by storm with their range of delicious and wonderful wet food that is packed to the brim with nutrition boosting and health benefiting protein, veggies and botanicals that will leave your dog’s tail wagging. Sourced sustainably and ethically, their range of food and treats are not just great for our pets but amazing for the environment too, making them a brand we cannot help falling in love with this February. 

New Zealand landscape, small city with mountainous backdrop

Eco-friendly Ethos

Dedicated to preserving the environment and producing highly nutritional food for our pets, Ziwipeak ensure that every effort is made to keep their production and manufacturing as simple and eco-friendly as possible and as a result these are the 5 ways Ziwipeak are one of the best brands for sustainable sourcing in the world.

  • ZIWI® chooses to only source from humane, ethical and sustainably managed local farms that exceed the strict New Zealand government regulatory standards. 
  • Their Beef, Lamb & Venison are all sourced from free-range farms with no feed-lots, barns or cages. This natural feeding provides superior levels of beneficial nutrients and unsaturated fatty acids.
  • Their small, remote location and strict border security ensures New Zealand is at very low risk of infectious disease keeping their food safe all year round. 
  • Their quality control team works closely with all suppliers to ensure ingredients not only meet, but exceed their stringent requirements.
  • New Zealand's seafood industry has been ranked the most sustainably managed fishery in the world, twice!

Ziwi New Zealand lamb drumstick for dogs

Wonderfully Wet Food

As our dog’s diets are rich in high proportions of meat, organs and bone, every single recipe of Ziwipeak Wet Food is designed with 97% of everything your dog needs for a wholesome and nutritional diet. With all food containing proteins that have been ethically and sustainably sourced from New Zealand, you are not just investing in a product that is great for your pet but it’s great for the environment too.

Crafted in a wide variety of recipes, without high glycemic ingredients or artificial binders, ZIWI Peak is pawfect to fuel all of your dog’s tail-wagging adventures.

With a range of flavours to choose from featuring the best ingredients that New Zealand has to offer, Ziwipeak food is everything your dog needs to keep them happy right until the very last bite. 

Fantastic Flavours

With three fantastic flavours to choose from, Ziwipeak is available in single or multi protein options. We recommend single protein options for all those dogs out there with sensitive tummies. Our multi protein options combine fish and meat which results in a highly nutritious complete dinner that will get those tails wagging right until the bowl is licked clean.  Here’s all the wondrous flavours of down under that your dog definitely needs to try:

  • Daily Dog Cuisine Lamb
  • Daily Dog Cuisine Beef
  • Daily Dog Cuisine Venison 
  • Daily Dog Cuisine Lamb & Tripe
  • Daily Dog Cuisine Lamb & Mackerel  
Can of ZiwiPeak wet dog food venison flavour
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Opt for Oral Care

We all know and understand the importance of keeping our pet’s teeth and gums as healthy as possible. Exposed to a range of bacteria laden environments, our dog’s mouths need to be kept as healthy and glistening as possible. And dental care has never been easier than with a ZiwiPeak bone. 

Made to improve both your dog’s teeth and gums, Ziwipeak’s range of oral health chews are everything your dog needs to keep those gnashers in check. Ethically sourced these, zero added preservative and flavouring, chews give your dog the protein flavour they love without any artificial nastiness added. 

Featuring 100% air-dried and sustainably sourced deer, Ziwipeaks selection of succulent chews will bust any boredom and keep their mouths looking and feeling as healthy as ever. 

ZiwiPeak full deer shank for dogs, oral healthcare bone
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So with a superb selection of wet food and treats, if your dog fancies a taste of what down under has to offer, give them a little something special in their bowl this February and see for yourself just how special ZiwiPeak can be for your four-legged friend.

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