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Adventure Into Aflora Cold Pressed

Adventure Into Aflora Cold Pressed

After years of superb success in both their Doggy Day Care and Natural Cornish Pet Shop, the only way forward for the brains of this brilliant brand was to create their own fantastic food for our pets. Understanding what our pets know and love in their doggy dinners, the team at Natural Cornish Pet Shop created their own range of both cold-pressed and dry extruded food to keep our dogs wholesome and healthy for as long as possible. 

Now with brand new packaging for their cold-pressed food created to showcase their amazing product, this is why we love Aflora and why your pets will too!

Blissful Beginnings

The stores' founders, Jordan and Katy, started Doggy Day Care Cornwall in 2014 after finding a demand in the local area for a quality day-to-day dog care solution. The business grew rapidly and they were soon faced with a host of wonderful new friends, and the opportunity to aid guests and owners who were frustrated in their search for quality natural and raw dog food in Cornwall. 

With a dedicated following of dog day care users already on the path to feeding the best natural pet food on the market, Katy and Jordan quickly became aware that there was an opportunity to support the wider dog loving Cornish network, bringing the Natural Cornish Pet Shop to life.

They believed they could create a business with pawfect pet food at the heart and after years of hard work and determination – that’s what they did. A year into creating their amazing all-natural pet store and knowing the rising trend in all-natural and grain-free food, the team decided to take a leap and create their own range of dog food and treats and thus Aflora was born!

Aflora Cold Pressed

Why Cold-Pressed?

Here at the Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we love any food that provides our pets with the best form of nutrition and flavour. Although lovers of the benefits of dry kibble, we heard so many great things about Cold-Pressed food – we decided to make our own. With the ability to retain the maximum amount of vitamins and minerals from the ingredients used, the process of ‘cold-pressing’ is somewhat special and really leaves our pets’ food truly scrumptious. 

As one of the newer methods of creating our pet’s favourite meals, the Cold-Pressed method has taken the dog market by storm and companies are opting to manufacture with this method due to the higher nutritional content the food retains during this process.  Free from harsher temperatures, the food is dried and pressed with cold oils to form the pellet shaped bites of wonder. Avoiding the dramatic heat blasts of dry extrusion, the food retains all of its natural vitamins and minerals – making it a more nutritionally value process than dry extrusion.

Aflora Cold Pressed Dog Food

Pawfect Packaging

After recently redesigning their range of cold-pressed food, Jordan and Katy wanted to showcase the heart of the business right there on the label. Now featuring beautifully illustrated designs of the Cornish coastline, this brand of dog food really does have its heritage at its heart. 

With a happy hound leaping over Gwithian beach to Godrevy Lighthouse, the packaging on this fantastic food really does tell its own story. With Natural Cornish Pet Shop just a stone’s throw away from this idyllic location – it really is no wonder it features on the front of their delicious dinners transporting their customers to the beauty and bliss of the Cornish coastline. 

Aflora Cold Pressed Gwithian

Aflora Cold Pressed

Manufactured in the heart of Cornwall, our delicious recipe features the finest quality meat and fish for your dog and leaves them with nutritionally beneficial nuggets of wonder that they will gobble up time and time again. High quality and exceptional value for money, we are very proud of our Aflora Cold-Pressed range. Not only does it pack a meaty punch with almost half-filled with protein, its grain-free formula means it’s good for tummies too!

Now with brand new packaging to highlight benefits, flavour and showcase how delightfully delicious it is, pick up a bag of our amazing food and see for yourself just how scrumptious it really is. 

This 100% natural dog food really does pack a protein punch, loaded with two of your dog’s favourite meaty choices: Beef & White Fish and Chicken & Fish, your pooch will be spoilt for choice as to what bag of bliss to get their paws on this autumn. 

Aflora Cold Pressed Dog Food
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So as experts in everything delicious and doggy, pick up a pack of Aflora today and taste the best of what Cornwall has to offer! 

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