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Natural Cornish Antlers

Natural Cornish Antlers

As one of the most popular chews on the pet food market, Antlers have been a top choice for chomptastic chewers for years and years. Providing safe chewing for hours of boredom busting fun, we love antlers so much – we decided to create our own range! 

Introducing our new Natural Cornish Antlers for dogs; these durable chews are naturally shed and responsibly sourced, providing your furry friend with a whole host of health benefits to keep your dog chewing responsibly this winter. 

Renowned for its durability and natural benefits, Antler Dog Chews provide a boost for your pooch’s immune system. Never tried Antler before? No worries. If it's your dog's first time, start with a smaller Antler Dog Chew where the softer centre is exposed to aid familiarity and speeds up the reward process meaning your pooch gets to the good stuff without too much effort or worry.

Natural Cornish Antlers

Why Chew?

Since the dawn of time, we have long associated dogs with chewing and chewing animal bones. This natural instinct has developed from their ancestral need to chew through evolution. With animal bones being the only source of chewing sensation ancestral canines would have gained, this need for animal bones has still remained even with our domesticated dogs. 

With animal bones often providing safety problems such as their fragile cartilage often splintering resulting in problematic chewing for our pets, alternative bones have been created that are 100% safe and fun to chew. 

Totally natural, long-lasting and packed with magical minerals, Antlers make fantastic dog chews. Here at the store, our furry friends love Antler chews. From puppies to older dogs, all are fascinated by them and love nothing more than to explore the different taste and texture. What’s best about Antler chews is they don’t go off, meaning that dogs can leave them buried beneath the couch cushions ready to be found and munched days, weeks or even months later.

What makes Antler so beneficial is the range of the incredible ingredients they contain such as: 

  • Glucosamine – Great for joints and tissues
  • Calcium and phosphorous – Benefits bones and teeth
  • Iron – Essential for healthy blood cells
  • Potassium – Good for nerve and muscle function
  • Magnesium – Aids in storing and releasing energy
Antler Dog Chew

Are they Eco-Friendly?

Antler chews are derived from deer. Each year, these woodland wonders shed their antlers in a natural way and these are the antlers that are used again to give our pets the tasty treat they have come to know and love. Deer antlers are the most common type of fully formed chew with some stores often removing sharper points to make them super safe for your pets. 

Under no circumstances, are deer harmed in the creation of antler chews- just like our nails, deer shed their antlers which are made up of cartilage and eventually turn to bone making them a powerful chew for your four-legged friend. 

Natural Cornish Deer

Are they Safe?

Antler chews are 100% safe for your pets in the right circumstances. Created for dogs from puppies upwards, like any chew or toy, your dog must be supervised when given any form of chew. Unlike rawhide chews, antlers do not shard or splinter during chewing but are exceptionally hard so can in some occasions hurt teeth and gums if dogs aren’t supervised properly. It is fundamental to never give your dog a chew when they are unsupervised and always remember to provide drinking water.

Our Antler Chews

We decided to create our very own range of affordable natural Cornish Antler Chews that your dog will adore time and time again. 

Each chew is hand-cut and smoothed before being quality checked and labelled right here at The Natural Cornish Pet Shop. Furthermore, our chews are hand-washed in pure water rather than any nasty chemicals meaning your dog gets a chew that is safe for them and on the environment. 

Our Antlers are high in minerals and nutrients, helping to strengthen bones and muscles, aid the immune system, and reduce cholesterol and inflammation making them an all-natural, wholesome and delicious treat for your four legged friend.

Low in odour and mess free, this long lasting and durable chew, is available in sizes to suit any pooch out there. 

Natural Cornish Antlers
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So with Christmas just around the corner, enjoy a little surprise that Rudolph has left for your dog to enjoy and give them a gift of Antler this Christmas. 

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