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Aromas to Adore

Aromas to Adore

Many of us truly couldn’t live in this world without the smell of sweet and sumptuous scents in the air. As February marks the month of love, we thought it best to celebrate this tremendous time by raving about the pawfect perfumes and scents available within our store. 

As a fundamental part of our daily routine, perfume and body sprays have been around for centuries and we really couldn’t live without them. Now, with doggy products becoming more holistic and natural than ever before, there really is no better time up your grooming game for your pooch. From luscious lavender to beautiful bergamont, our range of amazing aromas are everything you need to make your furry friend smell as scrumptious as ever before. 

Wildwash Fragrances

Perfect as an after bath treat for your dog’s skin and fur, Wildwash’s range of fantastic fragrances will keep your pooch smelling clean and fresh long after bath time is over. Created from all-natural and wholesome botanicals and plants, each fragrance from their range is dedicated to maintaining coat condition whilst leaving your pooch smelling fantastic. 

With completely natural ingredients that are straight from Mother Nature’s garden, any one of Wildwash’s fragrances can be sprayed as often as you like, meaning you don’t have to worry about any effects to your dog’s fur and skin. Not only does your dog get one amazing aroma to choose from, Wildwash have created 3 beautiful varieties which means your pooch is spoiled for choice about which scent they want to wear. 

Their 3 fantastic fragrances all feature a combination of natural and beautiful botanicals to create a scent that is so fantastic you’d wish you were wearing it yourself. Fragrance No1 features Ylang Ylang resulting in a sweet and lemony scent that will leave your dog’s fur smelling clean and fresh as a spring morning. Fragrance No2 takes a more warming tone with a mixture of grapefruit, bergamot and ginger for a citrus twist with a hearty body. Finally, their third and final fragrance, No3, is a spicy yet satisfying blend of Sweet Orange, Cedarwood and Coriander for a long-lasting smell that is great for dog’s who tend to have a lingering smell when wet and muddy. 

Bottle of Wildwash Fragrance number one for dogs
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Tropiclean Deodorizing Spray

If you are after that “just out of the bath" smell without any of the fuss, then Tropiclean sprays are exactly the products you are after. Used on a wide range of animals from dogs to hamsters, these all-natural blends of tropical ingredients will leave your four-legged friends smelling like they’ve just returned from the Caribbean.

Enriched with a mild coconut cleanser, these superb sprays are both deodorising and freshening meaning you can say goodbye to smelly fur in an instant. You can be guaranteed for a clean and fresh smelling pet with Tropiclean. With four fantastic fragrances to choose from, your furry friend will be spoilt for choice of which scent to smell of this winter. Their range includes:

  • Freshening Kiwi Blossom – Great for eliminating odours by attacking the odour at its source and breaking it down, leaving behind a fresh and pleasant scent. Eliminates odours from: urine, skunk, faeces, glandular secretions, vomit, and all general pet smells meaning no matter what the stink – Tropiclean has got you covered. 
  • Freshening Baby Powder - Make your furry baby smell baby-powder-fresh with this soft and light fragrance.
  • Freshening Papaya Mist - With moisturising papaya and kiwi, Papaya Mist Deodorising Pet Spray adds extra freshness to your pet’s coat after or between baths. This conditioning spray conditions your pets coat while reducing static, leaving a long-lasting tropical fragrance that lasts for days.
  • Freshening Berry Breeze – Known previously as their “Berry Fresh” cologne- this fruity yet fabulous spray keeps your dog’s smelling fresh and berrylicious all day long. 
Tropiclean For Dogs Kiwi Blossom Deodorizing Spray
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Hownd Body Mists

This leading brand also showcases just how unique our range of superb scents and fantastic fragrances are. Hownd are dedicated to creating a range of grooming products that dogs will love. With 100% hypoallergenic ingredients and packed with blissful botanicals, these body mists will make your dog’s fur smell as clean and fresh as possible no matter what they have been up to.

Their range of beautiful body mists are dedicated to combating smells dogs experience each and every day. From rolling in fox poo to combating itchy skin, no matter what the problem is, Hownd has a fantastic fragrance. All-natural and pawfect for your pooch’s skin, our range of Hownd Body Mists are exactly what your dog needs to smell fantastic this winter. 

Keep Calm 

Keep Calm Body Mist is a calming and conditioning spray, whilst being gentle on their skin and coat. This spray has been tailored to spray on during times of stress and anxiety and is perfect to settle your pooch to sleep just before bedtime. A combination of lavender and patchouli essential oils helps relax adult dogs (and their owners!), and is perfect for pets that are anxious or stressed making it ideal during times of fireworks, separation or even travel. 

Body mist for dogs spray bottle, Hownd keep calm variety
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YUP you Stink!  

Perfect for those extra smelly dogs, this cracking combination of Eucalyptus and Cedarwood essential oils is perfect to keep fur smelling clean and fresh between those times when they are thoroughly soaked in a bubbly bath. This superb spray not only keeps dogs smelling and looking fresh but the mixture of magical minerals also keeps fleas and nasties at bay. 

Body mist for dogs spray bottle, Hownd Yup! You stink variety
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Got an Itch?

Formulated for our furry friends with sensitive skin, Got an Itch Body spray helps relieve a dog’s dry flaky skin, and aids restoration of lustre to dull coats of all breeds. Containing rose and bergamot, this combination works at leaving your dog’s fur as fluffy as ever whilst keeping both their skin and coat in the best condition possible and leaving them smelling as sweet as spring itself. 

Body mist for dogs spray bottle, Hownd Got An Itch variety
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For a pooch that smells as if they’ve just stepped straight out of Coco Chanel’s closet. Purchase some pawfect perfume today and find a fragrance that brings flora and fauna straight from Mother Nature’s garden right onto your pet’s fur.

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