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Artist Feature - Becca Hall

Artist Feature - Becca Hall

To kick off our Summer Arts Club, we have asked some of our favourite artists what inspires them and their animal artworks. 

We caught up with Becca Hall, a freelance illustrator from the Lake District, currently residing in Cornwall with her two Border Terriers, Pippa and Evie. We are big fans of Becca's beautiful illustrations and wanted to find out more about her processes:

What inspired you to create artwork featuring animals?

I’ve always loved animals - as a child, I wasn’t into Barbies and dolls, but had over 100 beanie baby animal toys and Sylvanian Families. I used to give them all personalities and names. It then naturally progressed into being a bit obsessed with any wild animals and just needing to draw them! I love giving them personality - in the same way that I did to all those beanie babies all those years ago!

Do you have a favourite animal subject matter?

I love drawing dogs and birds! Fat feathery chickens or sleek runner ducks are so lovely to draw. I love scruffy terriers too which is why they appear a lot in my work!

What medium do you work in?

I most commonly use dip pen and ink, watercolour and pencil crayons to illustrate with! I love using vibrant colours and creating different textures with the various mediums.

What is your favourite time of day to create?

Usually around 4pm. I can spend most of the day trying to get into a commission, and it’s usually as the day is meant to be drawing to a close, that I get a sudden burst of creativity and end up working into the evening. There’s something really relaxing about painting as it gets dark outside.


Do you have a favourite animal-themed artwork by another artist?

Yes, I absolutely love the work of Catherine Rayner. I was introduced to her work when I was at uni and have been inspired by her ever since!

What advice would you give to amateur artists wanting to work with animal subjects?

Try and draw from life as much as possible to begin with. Go and draw ducks in the park, or chickens at someone’s allotment. Visit the zoo or aquarium and just take a sketchbook and a pencil. Don’t worry about messing up! Just fill the pages and get an idea of the shape of animals and their character. It’s a lot easier to give the animals movement and personality when you’ve seen how they move and act!

You can find Becca's work on her Etsy Shop, and follow her beautiful creations on instagram.


Etsy Shop:

Instagram: @beccahallillustration


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