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Artist Feature - Joanna Clay

Artist Feature - Joanna Clay

Continuing on our Summer Arts Club, we have been asking some of our favourite artists what inspires their pet artworks. This week we have been discussing Joanna Clay's beautiful cat creations!

Based in Oxfordshire, Joanna's work is informed by her background in printed textiles design, with a large focus on pattern and colour. She uses a variety of different processes from working with clay, weaving, painting and digital manipulation. 

What inspired you to create artwork featuring animals?

I’m a massive animal lover and always have been. I think animals add so much to our lives and also think they’re just beautiful creatures - I love the way they all have such unique personalities.

Do you have a pet of your own?

I do! I have a Siamese foster cat called Calli. She’s such an angel! She loves cuddles and often keeps me company whilst I work.


Do you have a favourite animal subject matter?

Cats!!! I like the attitude which both wild and domestic cats have, and they’re such elegant and majestic creatures - I love to pay homage to this in my art.


What medium do you work in?

I work with a real variety of mediums. My favourites are acrylic paints and gouache. I’m also a big fan of working in mixed media with collage and coloured pencils - I love the layered, textured look you get with mixed media.

What is your favourite time of day to create?

I really like starting the day with making art because I feel fresh and awake; but I often feel really inspired at night! So both in the morning and at night! Can you tell I’m bad at picking favourites?!?

Do you have a favourite animal-themed artwork by another artist?

‘The Long Engagement’ by Pre-Raphaelite painter Arthur Hughes is a beautiful painting. Although the dog isn’t the focal point of the piece, the way Hughes painted the fur is absolutely incredible - it looks so glossy, like you could reach out and touch it!

What advice would you give to amateur artists wanting to work with animal subjects?

Pick an animal you’re inspired by and which you think is beautiful to look at - being inspired and driven is really important when making art, so starting off with a subject matter that excites you is key!

You can find Joanna's work for sale on her Etsy shop and follow her beautiful designs on Instagram:


Etsy Shop:

Instagram: @joannaclay_design





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