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Artist Feature - Sasha Harding

Artist Feature - Sasha Harding

As we head into the final week of August, we are also nearing the finale of our Summer Arts Club. This week we have been speaking to Sasha Harding about her wonderful work, featuring two of our biggest loves; Cornwall and Dogs! 

Sasha is a fine artist, having studied at Falmouth College of Art, she now resides in Cornwall with her husband and two dogs. Sasha's work mixes quirky humour with beautiful detail in perfect balance, creating a style that we adore. 

What inspired you to create artwork featuring animals?
I've always loved animals, when I was young my summer holidays would be spent hunting for slow worms, catching crabs and spying on sunbathing lizards. 

Do you have a four-legged friend of your own?
As soon as I could, having left collage, I acquired my first dog Poppy. Years later I have a miniature dachshund and a Rhodesian ridgeback, oh and a handful of bantams! 

Do you have a favourite animal subject matter?
I paint what I love and what interests me and so its natural for my dogs to feature strongly in my paintings. It helps that peanut, my dachshund, is very cute and paintable. I love painting underwater and especially rock pools and ponds. These two subjects hark back to my childhood love of grubbing about in rock pools, searching for blennies, or newts in ponds. 

What medium do you work in?
I work in Acrylic on canvas and lately I’ve been using oil paint.

What is your favourite time of day to create?
The priority is the dog walk after breakfast and then home for a cup of tea. I usually start work at 11 and go on, with breaks to play with Peanut in the garden, until 5ish.

Do you have a favourite animal-themed artwork by another artist?
David Hockney had two dachshunds which he painted often and featured in a big exhibition. His drawings and etchings of his miniature muses are very inspiring too.

What advice would you give to amateur artists wanting to work with animal subjects?
My advice to amateur artists would be get familiar with your subject matter, be that dogs, chickens, or newts! Sketch them as much as you can, learn how they move, sit or run then get painting!

You can find Sasha's work for sale over on her website, and follow her processes on Instagram:

Instagram: @sashahardingartist

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