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Be Kind to your Mind

Be Kind to your Mind

Every May we celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week and we wanted to share how our four-legged friends help us manage when our minds need a little extra TLC. As we continue our roadmap to Covid recovery and we are able to hug one another, more and more of us are getting the much needed support we need to enable us to feel more ourselves and enjoy more time with our loved ones, human and canine, once again. 

Here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we understand the importance of staying both physically and mentally healthy and over the past 12 months, the nation has seen a rise in Mental Health diagnosis as isolation and loneliness have led to an increase in depression and anxiety. So, with Mental Health Awareness on our minds, here’s how we think our furry friends help us stay happy and healthy all year long. 

"Smiling" Dog

Importance of Socialisation

After a whole year of isolation, it is no surprise that we are growing more and more excited to venture outside and return to our regular activities with our friends and family. With loneliness and social deprivation often significant factors in anxiety and depression in humans, exploring the outdoors with your significant loved ones is one of the ways that is encouraged to keep your inner self as healthy and wholesome as possible. 

Not only is meeting with friends and family beneficial to our mental health, it can also be incredibly important in the behaviour of our canine companions too. Without regular socialisation our furry friends can become nervous, anxious and even aggressive towards other dogs. With a rise in puppy purchasing and adoption during the lockdown months, perhaps now is the time to introduce your new canine companion to other furry friends whilst enjoying a coffee with yours. 

Three dogs sniffing at one another noses

Practising Pawfect Mindfulness

Practising the art of calming our minds in times of stress and anxiety can be a tricky task but with our canine companions in tow, the job can be done without you even knowing you’re doing it!

Taking your dog out and about on daily walks and adventures can help you take the right steps in keeping your mind as healthy as possible. Daily exercise isn’t just good for our bodies it's actually great for our mental well being too, meaning that a trip out to the park with your furry friend can help you out in more ways than one. 

Grabbing those leads and some fresh air can strengthen the bond between you and your dog and in turn keep your mind as fresh as ever. Taking some simple steps when outdoors can help you feel more relaxed and in tune with your surroundings when out and about as well. Try inhaling deeply, taking note of the sensation as you do, pay attention to sounds, sights, and smells around you, this can be deeply relaxing and help alleviate anxiety and stress. Not only can you increase your wellbeing with mindfulness like this, but daily exercise increases the release of endorphins and serotonin, the chemicals responsible for happiness and joy. All of this put together can ensure our minds are feeling just as healthy as our joints, muscles and hearts. 

 Small cute dog running

Enjoy time with your Dog

With the stresses of work, finances and our daily routines, it is easy enough to sacrifice time with our pets. As we walk in from hectic days at work, it is not a sin to admit that taking our dogs out for their daily walk can seem laborious and exhausting. However, when our furry friend nudges their nose against their harness and leads it always makes it easier for us to venture outside again to take them out after a day of stress, making our daily exercise and mindfulness a pleasure rather than a chore. 

Important in their health and wellbeing, taking your dog out for a walk or even a play in the garden can also significantly increase the bond between you both, establishing a relationship quite like no other. Loving us unconditionally, no matter what, our dogs really are the joys in our lives and will stop at nothing to make us happy. Appreciating the time we spend together, when learning new tricks, exploring new places or even just a cuddle a day can really help contribute to keeping the blues at bay and ensuring you have a best friend by your side each and every day. 

So if you have struggled in the pandemic and need a little nudge towards a more wholesome, happier and healthier time, make a plan with your pooch and do what you can to be more mentally aware this May.

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