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Benefits of Slow Feeders

Benefits of Slow Feeders

Ever wanted an easy way to control your dog’s diet? Well, we have the solution for you. With more and more of us spending time indoors, controlling what we eat can be a tricky task and the same can be said about our four-legged friends. 

As the sole provider of dietary routine, what and how we feed our canine companions really does affect how their weight and overall health is maintained. Obesity being on the rise in the doggy world, we are resorting to supplements and food changes to stop our dogs piling on the pounds. However, simple switches can really have a significant impact on your pooch’s diet and watch that weight better than ever before. 

Slow Feeders

Slow feeders have been on the pet food market for years and have revolutionised how some of us feed our pets. With many households across the world feeding our pets from regular bowls, we often find our dogs wolfing down their wet or dry food within seconds and regularly asking for more. Slow feeders can provide stimulation for your pooch and turn dinner time into playtime. But most importantly they can give your pet time to digest their dinner, avoiding any tummy upsets from rushing their food. 

Slow feeders act by slowly dispensing food or treats to reduce the speed at which your pet ingests food. This can be significantly beneficial for overweight pets or pets on a weight management plan as their ability to eat quickly is restricted meaning they can shed those unnecessary pounds keeping them fit and healthy. 

Our Slow Feeders And Food Dispensing Toys 

Here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we have a wide range of delicious kibble and treats for your four-legged friends to love and enjoy. But when dietary restrictions are needed as well as fun interactive ways for your pets to enjoy a treat, our range of slow feeders and food dispensing toys are everything your pooch could need. 

Aikiou Hexa Maze Slow Feeder Bowl

Designed to reduce gulping when eating, this lavish labyrinthine dog bowl is ideal for dogs that love to play. Stimulating the mind whilst providing a tasty reward, this delightful dog bowl also reduces the chance of vomiting, choking and digestive discomfort as a result of regular fast-paced eating. 

Its unique design has been tested on thousands of dogs and was found to be best suited to small and medium breeds which are between 5 and 90lbs in weight. Made with food safe plastic these bowls are great for your dogs and dishwasher safe too. With its clever design and vibrant colour, this is one dog bowl your pooch won’t want to eat without. 

Aikiou Hexa Slow Feeder Bowl For Dogs
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COA Interactive Slow Feeder

With its grass inspired design and fun-loving shape, this interactive slow feeder is pawfect for any pooch that loves to play. Its wobbly and tilting movements allow for your dog to really engage to get to those tasty treats or kibble. 

Designed to replicate blades of grass, all you need to do is sprinkle your dogs desired food or treats onto the feeder and let them play before they munch away. 100% safe for dogs and dishwasher friendly, just add your dogs wet or dry food and simply wash after use - eating has never been so fun. 

CoA Green Interactive Slow Feeder For Dogs
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KONG Rewards Ball

Is there anything better than being rewarded for having fun? The Reward Ball from KONG rewards randomly by dispensing treats or kibble as a dog plays. Providing healthy mental stimulation and hours of fun, the unique shape also has an unpredictable bounce that keeps dogs mentally active while they play. What’s even better is the durable material, designed for long-lasting sessions of quiet fun, which can also be used for whole meals in order to manage weight. This really is far more than just a ball! 

kong rewards ball for dogs
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KONG Lock-it

KONG Lock-it is a treat dispensing puzzle that keeps dogs playing and engaged while they eat. Designed for variety, this toy provides a wealth of challenges for dogs while rewarding them with treats or kibble along the way. The KONG Lock-It can also be connected to other pods in the range to provide even more tests for your pooch. The grooved exterior of this toy also cleans teeth and gums whilst your furry friend enjoys their treats or meals. An amazing all rounder!

Kong Lock-It dog toy and food dispenser
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From treat dispensing toys to scrumptious slow feeders, we have everything you need to maintain your dogs diet and keep their brains active, because who ever said dog’s shouldn’t play with their food!

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