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Best of British

Best of British

With thousands of pet food stores around the UK, distinguishing oneself from the crowd can be a challenging task.

As leading brands such as Pedigree, Bakers and Iams still dominating the pet food market, standing out for the crowd has never been more important. What sets us apart from these big names and makes us unique is the products that we sell!

Highlighting the best of what Britain has to offer, the food sold within our store showcases only the best ingredients, straight from British farms to our pets’ bowls! Sourced locally, ethically and sustainably; we can promise that each brand sold within our store works tirelessly to ensure that each and every morsel of their dry and wet foods are nothing but wholesome!

Locally Sourced Ingredients

From chicken to fish, every single protein that enriches our dog food recipes is sourced ethically on British farms around the country. With our biggest brands, including Canagan and Symply, ensuring that their poultry products are free-range and free-roaming ultimately produces the finest quality meat for our dogs to enjoy time and time again.

Our fish products, like our very own Just Fish Treats range, are sourced sustainably from British waters. Sourcing our fish from British waters not only ensures your dog’s food and treats are fresher than ever, but also serves their purpose of supporting the British fishing industry, meaning these treats are great for both animals and the economy.

Deriving ingredients from British soil ensures the management of what goes into each and every bite of our pets’ food. As a natural pet food store, we hate added nastiness. From our treats to our food, nothing in our store contains added flavours, colourings or preservatives, meaning every inch of the food in our store is wholesome, nutritional and tasty beyond belief!

Our Best of British Brands

One of the things we love to do the most in our store, is promoting what British produce has to offer. From pawfect proteins, vibrant vegetables, fantastic fruits and fabulous fish; our store houses some of the best pet food brands on the market, and what makes them even better- they’re British too!

We love our country. Our farming and fishing are a triumph in Britain, and our brands showcase the adoration our agricultural business has for British produce and highlights just how great our food is. So, here it is, our best British brands and the amazing food they have on offer.


Forthglade Chicken With Liver, Sweet Potato & Vegetables Dog Food - Wet Forthglade

From complete to complimentary, we stock a scrumptious selection of Forthglade’s finest food to give your dogs some of the most tail waggingly tasty food on offer. With both complimentary and complete meals to choose from, your dog will be spoilt for choice of what Forthglade meal to eat next!

Their complete range is 100% grain-free, so is pawfect for dogs with tummy issues or those who have potential symptoms pointing towards allergies to grain (such as itchy or flaky skin). This range of complete grain-free recipes are made in Devon, and contain a range of good quality proteins along with a mix of carbohydrate & fibre rich vegetables like sweet potato & butternut squash in place of grains, to give your dog all the nourishment they need for their next meal.

Shop the Forthglade Range Here


Our very own cold-pressed dog food was designed by owners Jordan & Katy after understanding the substantial benefits of the cold-pressed method. With dog wellbeing and nutrition in mind, their delicious concoction of meat and fish is delicious, nutritious and down-right pawfection.

High quality and exceptional value for money, we are exceptionally proud of Aflora, Gwithian Surf & Turf (Beef) and Aflora Porth (Chicken) Cold Pressed. Not only does it pack a meaty punch, almost half-filled with protein, its grain-free formula means it’s good on the tummies too!

Filled to the brim with joint supporting supplements, the mixture of Turmeric, Glucosamine and Chondroitin provides your dog with all the extra joint support they need to live a long and happy life!

When it comes to cold-pressed, we believe there’s only one contender and it is our own food that is taking the cold-pressed crown.

Shop Aflora Gwithian Surf & Turf (Beef) Here / Shop Aflora Porth (Chicken) Here

Shop our whole range of Aflora Here

Nature’s Menu

Natures Menu Beef Nuggets Dog Food - Frozen Natures Menu

Created in Norfolk, Natures Menu started their humble beginnings as a small family business in 1981, and has been a leading ambassador for real pet food ever since. Proud to offer an unrivalled range of raw and natural pet foods for cats and dogs, Natures Menu use only locally sourced ingredients wherever possible, and put healthy nutrition and real food at the forefront of every single thing that they do.

A big contender amongst Nature’s Menu array of flavoursome food, their selection of raw dog food has kept dog’s tails wagging for years and years. With an extensive range of raw nuggets flavours, such as duck and fish, their pawfect proteins are guaranteed to give your four-legged friend all the wholesome nutrition they need to live a long and happy life.

Packed to the brim with 80% meat and superfoods, this grain-free food really shows off the best of what British farming has to offer, and is guaranteed to get your dog’s lips smacking as soon as it is poured out of the packet!

Shop Nature's Menu Here

So with a selection of the best food that our country has to offer, give your pet a taste of what really makes Britain so wagtastically great.

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