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Boost & Nourish

Boost & Nourish

From daily walks to pawfect playtimes, our dogs need as much nutrition as possible to stay active. With their delicious dinners acting as a significant tool in delivering those vital vitamins and minerals, giving your pooch a wholesome boost if they struggle to take supplements if needed. 

As many of us find ways of hiding tablet form supplements in our dog’s bowls, we created a solution to give your pooch a nutritional boost without any bother. Packed with all-natural and wholesome goodness, straight from Mother Nature, our range of Boost & Nourish Toppers are the ideal addition to your dog’s dinner to help keep their bodies fighting fit.

Nutritional Nourishment

Just like us humans, from time to time, our dogs need a little extra TLC for their bodies. Supporting everything from immune function to digestive health, supplements can help fight illness and keep pesky problems at bay like skin conditions, arthritis and even manage weight issues for dogs prone to obesity. 

Being active for a significant portion of their lives, our pets need as much help as possible to keep those visits to the vets less frequent. With adventures and walkies so prominent in our pet’s exercise routine, problems with joints and bones are one of the most common issues pet owners face. Supplements containing those essential Omega oils can help maintain healthy bones and joints, prolonging and even sometimes preventing early onset of joint disorders meaning your pet gets more time playing than ever before. 

Furthermore, with ever changing weather conditions, wild winds and wet weather can cause havoc to our pets’ skin and coat leaving them with irritating itches. Adding a little extra something to your dog’s bowl can help nourish and nurture their coats leaving their skin and fur looking and feeling as amazing as ever. 

Boost & Nourish Meal Topper on Aflora Food

Our Top Toppers

Here at Natural Cornish Pet shop, we understand the importance of keeping your pooch as healthy as possible. With this in mind, we set about creating a supplement offering that is simple but effective. Our own range of meal toppers that give your pooch the nutritional boost they deserve whilst nourishing their bodies in the best way we can think of. 

Created from 100% fish skins which are loaded with those vital Omega 3 oils, our fish skin toppers are ideal for any sea loving hound that needs a helping hand during meal times. Our range of dietary support and meal toppers are a simple and effective way to improve the taste of your dog's dinner whilst nourishing their need to taste a piece of the ocean.

Natural Cornish Pet Boost & Nourish Meal Toppers

The Benefits of Fish Skins

We all know that fish contains one of the most powerful and fabulous fatty acids - Omega 3. Improving everything from eye health to kidney function, Omega 3 is packed full of power and can provide your pooch with all the dietary support they need to live a long and happy life. Unfortunately, dogs are unable to produce this essential oil in their bodies and therefore require it in their diets; our boost and nourish toppers are a fantastic and flavoursome way of doing so!

Scottish Salmon

Made with sustainably caught Scottish Salmon and produced right here in West Cornwall, our superb salmon meal topper is a great addition to your dog’s diet if they are a lover of this fantastic fish. Packed with immune boosting and skin supporting vitamins, this topper is an ideal choice for dogs who love a little bit of fish with their food. 

100% natural and completely grain-free, this topper is kind on tummies and ideal for pets who may be on a grain-free diet due to allergies and intolerances. Consisting of 90% salmon and 10% potato and available in two handy sizes of sprinkle pots, this tremendous topper is everything your pooch needs to keep their coat looking as glossy as ever before. 

Boost & Nourish Scottish Salmon

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Cornish Redfish

You can’t get more local than our Cornish Redfish meal topper. Created on our Cornish coastline and made with local produce, this is one amazing addition any cornish pet will love and adore. Showcasing the tastiness and nutritional benefits that are right here on our coastline, this meal topper is packed full of those vital Omega 3 oils aiding in both eye and digestive health. 

Made with 100% Cornish Redfish and nothing more, this grain-free and completely natural recipe will give your pooch a taste of what our Cornish shores have to offer. 

Boost & Nourish Cornish Redfish Meal Topper
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Cornish Whitefish

Just like their red counterpart, this whitefish skin topper is an all-natural and wholesome way to incorporate fish into your dog’s diet without the need to purchase pricey produce. Created with nothing more than fantastic fish skins, this crunchy cornish topper will definitely add a little crunch to your dog’s next delicious dinner. 

Boost & Nourish Cornish Whitefish Meal Topper

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So with three fabulous flavours to choose from, whether your dog fancies a collection from Cornwall or Scottish Salmon, they are guaranteed a sprinkle of wholesome goodness that is tremendous on the taste buds and even better for their bodies.

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