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Brain Training with your Dog

Brain Training with your Dog

As we slowly emerge from a year of lockdown and social restrictions, many of us have realised how keeping our minds as healthy as our bodies can contribute to a better way of life. And this really can be said for our canine companions too.

From teaching tricks to food puzzles, there are so many ways you can help your pooch make their mind just as strong as their bodies. Encouraging mental stimulation in your four-legged friend can really make a difference to your dog’s life and even strengthen the bond between you and your best friend. With some simple activities easily incorporated into your daily routine, here’s how you can incorporate training and treats to boost your best friend’s brain. 

Dog walking on wooden obstacles

Teach them New Tricks

Our dogs need mental stimulation just as much as they need physical exercise. Boredom can sometimes lead to disruptive behaviour such as chewing or shredding of furniture and clothes. 

A dog’s urge to play derives from their ancestral need to hunt, dogs use these natural instincts when engaging in physical activity such as fetch and even chewing a bone. Hunting would not have been simplistic for dogs therefore hiding items or challenging them in their activities in other ways will allow your dog to hone in on their natural skills without being bored. 

Teaching your dog new and exciting tricks is a fun way for you and your dog to build your bond and increase stimulation during play. Popular tricks such as fetch, lie down, roll over and even standing on their hind legs is a great way to encourage your dog to use its brain and also to indulge in some tasty treats. However, like any new activity, your dog won’t learn a new trick overnight. Plenty of rewards and patience are needed but the result will be adorable and rewarding beyond belief. 

dog balancing bone shaped treat on nose

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Make Rewards Exciting

We all know just how much our dogs love their treats. From meaty mouthfuls to fishy favourites, our canine companions really do live for a handful of scrumptious snacks. But did you know that treat time can be used to improve mental stimulation? 

Aimed to aid weight management, reduce overeating and stimulate our dog’s brains during treat time, puzzle bowls and balls are a fantastic way to introduce brain training into their daily dinner routine. These fun treat toys encourage your dog to work for their reward just like they would have done in the wild. Puzzle balls release treats for your pooch when rolled and played with making them a fun way for your dog to keep their brains active whilst messing with their favourite toy. Our range of KONG toys are a wonderful way of improving mental stimulation and their highly durable design means no matter what type of chompers you have at home, these toys will withstand even the most active of play. Just simply fill with your dog’s favourite treats and watch them stay boredom free whilst they play away. 

Small dog playing with Kong Lcokit puzzle dog toy
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Glorify your Garden

Often boring for our canine companions, gardens can often act as a place for toilet times rather than a place for play. However, with some simple changes and some interesting additions for our four-legged friends, your garden can turn into an assault course of amazement and keep their brain boosted all day long. 

From tunnels to balls to hanging rope toys, your garden can offer a plethora of playtime. Adding some new and exciting toys to your dog’s safe space will encourage more active play and keep you smiling all day long as you train and play with your favourite friend. Here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop we stock a plethora of toys that ill keep even the fussiest of pooches happy.

Dog with Kong dog toy in garden

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In addition to active play and training, giving your dog’s brain a little extra TLC is easy with Our Scrumptious Selection of Fishy Favourites>. From Fish Stick Chews to Cornish Fish Fingers, these Omega oil packed treats will help boost your dog’s brain power making play as enjoyable as ever. Training their brains and bodies really is the most impactful way to boost your dog’s health and wellness meaning your best friend has a long and happy life.

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