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Bright in the Night

Bright in the Night

As our autumnal nights grow darker and darker, keeping both ourselves and our pets safe whilst walking at night has never been more important.

With many of our beloved dog walks set in the countryside and away from substantial street lighting, the necessity of visibility is important both for the safety of us and our four-legged friends.

Here at the Natural Cornish Pet Shop, not only do we specialise in a range of wholesome and natural pet food, but we also pride ourselves in stocking some of the finest dog accessories available too! From flashing collars to reflective leads, we have everything for your dusk dawdling needs no matter what the weather.

Importance of Staying Safe

We all know how much our senses are heightened when being in the dark. With our auditory and olfactory senses working double to make up for our loss of sight, it is imperative we are safe when out and about. This is no difference for our four-legged friends. As their vision is impaired by the loss of light, our dog’s anxiety is heightened with the appearance of startling noises or smells that are unexpected or unfamiliar in the night.

It is paramount that whenever embarking on a walkies when light is minimal that you and your pet are wearing apparel with optimum light and reflection. Reflectors in clothing, harnesses or leashes allow oncoming cars or motorcycles to see you when walking with your furry friend.

Staying in sight not only keeps you safe but your pet too, so with this in mind check out our fabulous range of nighttime walkies equipment that will keep you visible no matter the time of day or weather.

Hurrta Neon  Lemon Harness

Flexible and free from chaffing, a Hurrta harness provides all the support and comfort your dog needs for any type of dog walk. Featuring reflective strips and adjustable straps to suit any dog breed or shape, this reflective harness is everything you need to stay safe at night. 

Ideal for those ‘extra pully dogs’, a Hurrta Harness will evenly distribute that pesky pulling pressure across a dog’s chest rather than around the neck. Adjustable across both the neck and chest, their Weekend Warrior range of harnesses ensure a pawfect fit for your four-legged friend!

Created with super soft polyester with a weather-proof Houndtex lamination, this harness is not only comfortable but cooling too. With a breathable mesh in the lining, it ensures our dogs avoid chafing or increased sweating around the neck.

Available in a variety of sizes, with prices starting at £32.99, Learn More Here

Hurrta Neon Lemon Collar

Hurrta’s Neon Lemon collar is perfect for those who prefer to attach their dog’s lead to the collar. Made with highly durable and thick nylon, the wide padding makes the collar comfortable with the shape distributing pressure caused by pulling on a wider area around the dog’s neck, resulting in a collar that is both soft and safe.

Highly reflective and breathable, this collar is ideal for those late night walks, keeping your pooch visible, cool and chafe free whilst out on those amazing adventures.

Available in a variety of sizes, with prices starting at £17.99 - Learn More Here!

Reflective Leash

The Weekend Warrior Rope Leash is designed for those adventures when the light has gone to bed.

The rope leash is made using weaving techniques that are used in climbing ropes. Made for maximum comfort, the high-quality materials make it extremely durable and reliable.

The 3M reflectors sewn onto the rope leash improve safety by making it more visible in the dark, while the soft neoprene grip makes the rope leash comfortable to for you to hold. 

Available in a variety of different sizes, with prices starting at £19.99 - Shop Here!

Orbiloc Safety Light

The Orbiloc Dog Dual is a Safety Light that ensures the Safety of you and your dog when you are out in the dark.

Orbiloc's dog safety lights are the perfect way to keep your dog visible at night time! Featuring a tough, rugged design that is even waterproof up to 100m (not sure who's dog is diving that deep!), these lights can be seen from up to 3 miles away!
With both a flashing and a constant light setting, these lights come in a variety of different colours, and the adjustable mounting system can be attached to collars, harnesses and leads of dogs big and small!

So as our autumnal adventures become darker and darker each day, there has never been a better time to invest in some reflective gear and safety lights to keep you well in sight.

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