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Canagan Small Breed

Canagan Small Breed

When choosing our forever furry friend, many of us tend to opt for a smaller breed of canine due to their cuddly and cute size.

Often requiring less active lifestyles than medium or larger breeds, smaller breed dogs tend to be the top choice for new or first-time dog owners.

As the focus of dog nutrition and wellbeing on the rise across the world, more and more companies are honing in on their ingredients to make their food more suitable for different and specific varieties of dogs. Many companies across the pet food industry are focusing their attention on creating food that is suitable for our smaller four-legged friends, and our friends at Canagan are no different!

Dedicated to creating the finest grain-free quality pet food on the market, they have developed a nutritionally beneficial formula specifically created to suit those smaller paws, and keep their bellies full and healthier for longer.

Why Choose Canagan?

This British-bred company promotes the importance in the quality of food we are feeding our furry friends. Canagan is crafted with dog’s digestion in mind. Being grain-free and formulated to include high meat content, all of Canagan's award-winning recipes are designed to create nutritionally balanced and complete meals to tantalise the taste buds of your poochie pal no matter what size or breed.

With Canagan there is no compromise on quality or value. What you get is a premium, quality and cost-effective food that is just as tasty as it looks on the label.  Their delicious, grain-free recipes contain the finest ingredients possible, with all products being free from artificial flavours, colours and preservatives. Canagan are so confident in the tastiness of their products, they even try every single one of their recipes themselves; If it’s not good enough of them, it’s not good enough for our pets!

Each of their recipes is specifically designed depending on your breed of dog, so even if you have the tiniest dog imaginable – Canagan has a delicious dinner for your pint-sized pooch!

What does 'Small Breed' Mean?

When it comes to small breeds, any dog that falls naturally under the 10kg mark is considered a 'small' breed. Although your gorgeous German Shepherd may weigh less than 10kg as a puppy, size of breeds are determined by weight when in full maturity, usually at around 15 months old. 

Smaller breeds may include:

  • Terriers
  • Dachshunds
  • Pugs
  • Corgis
  • Pomeranians


Canagan Small Breed

Ensuring these smaller breeds maintain a healthy and nutritious lifestyle, Canagan have created a specialised dry food that provides all the same nutrition and benefits as a medium or large breed kibble. With smaller kibble bites, Canagan’s high protein blend is a delightful dinner that your pint-sized pooch will enjoy time and time again.

Scottish Salmon

Their freshly prepared, de-boned Scottish Salmon is produced to an equivalent human food standard, and this wonderful food is further boosted with the inclusion of herring, trout and white fish.

With reduced carbohydrate levels, and a host of beneficial botanicals, Canagan's Scottish Salmon provides your companions with a unique blend of super protein availability, whilst being delicious beyond belief.

Available in both 2kg & 6kg bags, Shop Canagan Small Breed Scottish Salmon Here!


Free-Run Turkey (Dental)

Teamed with the brilliant brand 'Plaque Off', this delicious dinner aims to improve your dog’s oral health by focusing on freshening breath, cleaning teeth and reducing plaque and tartar build up.

Made with British free-run turkey, these mighty, meaty mouthfuls are packed with endless supplies of vitamins and minerals that are kind to both teeth and tummies!

Available in both 2kg and 6kg Bags, Shop Canagan Small Breed Turkey Here!

Country Game

This delicious designed complex is one of Canagan’s best-selling products. Made with a selection of some of the finest cuts of meat available, Canagan’s Country Game recipe is pawfect enough for our own Sunday Dinner!

Their freshly and fantastically prepared duck and venison are produced to an equivalent human food standard, and are ideally complimented with vegetables and botanicals such as marigold, cranberry and camomile.

Available in 500g, 2kg and 6kg Bags, Shop Canagan Small Breed Country Game Here!

With a superb selection of grain-free recipes to choose from, no matter what meat takes your pooches fancy, Canagan definitely has a doggy dinner for you!

Supporting the wellbeing of growth of those smaller breed dogs, from Terriers to Pomeranians, their specifically designed food is exactly what your small dog needs to live a long and happy lifestyle. Completely grain-free and with no nastiness added, Canagan have revolutionised the dog food market by creating a food good enough for us all to eat!

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