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Canine Car Rides

Canine Car Rides

With Spring just around the corner and the blissful British weather set for a series of warm weekends, there is no better time to take adventure with your four-legged friend. Home to some of the most spectacular sights on the British Isles, a trip to the beach or woods is just a few miles away for many of us so we strap up our canines and courier them to their next adventure. 

But as more and more legislation arises on carrying our canines in our cars, we must ensure whatever journey we make with our four-legged friends, we make it as safe and sound as possible for both us and them. From harnesses to calming treats, here’s everything you and your dog need to stay safe when travelling by car. 

Dog in back seat of car

Rules when Travelling

For our four-legged friends, travelling in the car can be a troublesome task, with some anxious dogs finding it easier to travel by foot. But as the sun shines down on our glorious countryside, taking your dog in the car doesn’t need to be as stressful as before. With ways to keep your dog calm and safe when out and about, the most helpful hint we can give is ensuring you stick to the law when your pooch is in the car. 

According to the Highway Code, when travelling with your dog, you must ensure they are “suitably restrained” to avoid injury or distraction to you whilst driving. Restraints don’t mean paw cuffing your dog to the back seat but either investing in a crate for the boot of your car or a seat-belt clipped harness for your pooch in the back. 

Failing to restrain your dog whilst driving can not only invalidate your insurance if you are stopped by the police but could also land you with a whopping £5,000 fine. But what really should encourage you to safety check your pooch is knowing, without a proper restraint, the effects could be fatal for your dog if an accident was to happen. There really is no better time to invest in some safety measures for both you and your four-legged friend. 

Relax and Restrain

There really is no better tool to keep your dog safe in the car than a seatbelt restraint. Unlike dog crates, our pets can still have visual contact with us during a car journey reducing the risk of stress and anxiety episodes making the overall journey easier and more enjoyable for you both. 

Our CLIX Universal Seat Belt Adapter is a pawfect way to keep your dog secure when cruising in the car. Its simple and effective strap simply clips into your seatbelt socket whilst the other end tethers to your dog’s harness. With a strong material strap and easily adjustable, no matter how quick your journey, this efficient and effective harness will keep you and your pet safe.

 CLIX universal seat belt adapter for dog harnesses

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Like any restraint, we highly recommend clipping it to a harness rather than a neck collar to reduce any strain and pressure on your dog’s neck. In the case of a sudden stop, the pressure will disperse around your dog’s core rather than their neck reducing the likelihood of choking or other injury. With a range of Hurtta harnesses to suit any adventure, if your dog is in need of new apparel this spring, look no further than Natural Cornish Pet Shop. 

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Keeping Them Calm

As many of our furry friends often find car rides a nervous and anxiety ridden experience, keeping our pets secure and safe whilst on the road has never been more important. But did you know just some simple changes to their treats can help wash away those worries and make jumping into the car an exciting place to be. 

Made with pure Hemp and hand-baked with love and comfort in mind, HOWND Keep Calm Cookies are the ideal treat to keep your four-legged friend relaxed before and during any adventure in the car. Hypoallergenic, grain-free and packed with canine calming camomile, these crunchy and blissful biscuits are everything you need to keep your dog calm no matter what the adventure. With added Omega oils, these biscuits aren’t just amazing for anxiety but can help keep their skin and coats looking as glossy and ever too, meaning they will definitely be the pooch to notice as others drive by. 

Hownd Keep Calm Hemp Wellness Treats For Dogs
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With warmer days lying ahead, there really is no excuse not to grab your four wheels and head out with your four-legged friend. Remembering to keep them safe, secure and stress-free what ever journey you decide to make. 

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