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Care For Birds This Winter

Care For Birds This Winter

Here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we don’t just care about the animals in our homes. Dedicated to helping all creatures great and small, we are doing our bit to help Mother Nature and her wildlife this winter. 

As the world becomes more and more observant about how we can do our bit to help the wildlife around our homes, we can make small changes to our glorious gardens to keep creatures safe and snuggly as the winter weather torments our British shores. So when it comes to caring for creatures, there is one feathery kind that we all can take care of this Christmas. 

Birds of a Feather

Yes, it’s birds! Flocking around our gardens and homes during the wintery weather, creating an ideal feeding place for these wonderful creatures can be beneficial to both you and the birds. With just some simple ingredients, a bird feeder can bring an array of species to your garden leaving you feeling as if you’re watching an episode of BBC’s Countryfile. 

Due to their demanding appetites, birds require a consistent supply of food that is both easily located and consumed. Feeders can prevent birds from needing to forage and expending energy to feed their young. If they become familiar with an easy to reach feeding ground, they inevitably use less time and energy to feed their young, giving them energy to be utilised elsewhere. 

Furthermore, some bird populations can even consume up to 35% of their own body weight thus the need to easily access food in the winter months is more important than ever. With food supply significantly less in winter for our wildlife, giving a helping hand to our feathery friends can be more beneficial than we can imagine. 

Bird feeders are not only beneficial to birds but can also have benefits for the owners of them. With the feeders attracting many different species of bird to your land, it gives you the chance to relax and enjoy nature right from the comfort of your garden window. 

Brilliant Bird Feed

Not only supplying food for your furry of friends, we also stock some of the most scrumptious seeds that your new feathery friends will ever try. Our range of Everyday Tweets bird feed is a magical mix that birds will love time and time again. With three tremendous varieties of bird feed on our super shelves, here’s why our brilliant bird feed is what your feathery friends need this winter. 

Wild Bird Food

An ideal year round feed for all garden birds, Everyday Tweets Wild Bird Food is highly nutritious providing essential energy and protein.  It is also fledgling safe and suitable for parent birds to feed to their young, and is best fed from a seed feeder or scattered on a bird table.  Containing delicious black sunflower it provides a host of essential oils and calories for a high-energy feed that helps birds survive harsh weather conditions and continue to thrive year round.  An economy formula it’s an ideal entry-level blend with a tried and tested recipe loved by birds. 

Everyday Tweets Wild Bird Food
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No Mess Bird Seed

Providing a tasty selection of high-quality ingredients for a 100% edible blend, Everyday Tweets Energy No Mess is a highly calorific blend containing high-energy sunflower hearts and peanut granules blended with other high-quality ingredients.  It promotes no-mess thanks to its fully edible content meaning there are no husks or sprouting seeds left behind and is a free-flowing seed mix ideal for feeding in a variety of seed feeders as well as with ground or table feeding.

Everyday Tweets Energy No Mess Bird Seed
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Sunflower Hearts

A must-have in gardens all year round, Everyday Tweets Sunflower Hearts are an essential high-energy nutritious feed for garden birds offering the largest calorie to weight ratio of any other birdseed, as well as providing a supreme level of protein. Highly beneficial to wild birds, Everyday Tweets Sunflower Hearts provide nutritious natural oils helping to keep birds’ feathers, skin and beaks in top condition. They attract a wide variety of garden birds with many birds devouring sunflower hearts in no time at all!  Quick, delicious and easy to eat birds require little energy to consume them yet they retain a high percentage of the energy that comes from this feed.

Everyday Tweets Sunflower Hearts
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Everyday Tweets Fat Balls

A high energy fat-based formula ideal for feeding alongside a seed mix or peanuts, Everyday Tweets Fat Balls are naturally nutritious.  They’re perfect for feeding year round, particularly beneficial during the busy nesting season and cold winter months when food sources are scarce, and provide birds with a 100% edible and nutritious feed full of a variety of natural seeds, grains and suet.

Everyday Tweets Fat Balls
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With wintery winds bringing a host of feathery species to our Cornish Coastline, invest in a bird feeder today and do your bit to help the birds this winter.

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