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Care for their Coats

Care for their Coats

For our dogs, coat maintenance is more than just the occasional wash and brush. Grooming your dog properly and regularly can ensure their skin and coat stay in tip top condition, reducing the risk of problems such as dermatitis, rashes and even hair loss. Important in both warm and cold weather, their coats are one of the most vital parts of their bodies and it is fundamental that we care for them just as much as we do our own hair and skin. 

As the weather warms, our pets are prone to parasites such as ticks and fleas that can be troublesome terrors for their skin and fur. Supplementing their regular flea treatment with dietary and grooming additions can also help to keep parasites at bay, keeping their coats looking and feeling as lovely as ever. From tasty treats to grooming goodies, here’s everything you need to keep your pet’s coat in top top shape this spring season. 

Collie with shiny coat sitting in field

Benefits of Healthy Fur

Like a permanent jacket, our dog’s coat acts as a regulator for their core body temperature throughout the year. A healthy coat ensures your dog’s vital organs and major muscle groups are protected keeping their bodies looking and feeling good no matter what the weather. 

A poor coat and severe shedding can prevent your dog’s coat from doing its job and cause havoc upon their skin if left un-groomed and uncared for. Brushed and properly cut fur can prevent matting which leads to itching, soreness and tender skin in our four-legged friends. So with just some simple changes, regular grooming patterns and top quality products, your dog can have healthy and shiny fur in no time at all. 

Fabulous with Fish

When it comes to skin and coat maintenance, there is really nothing quite like fish oil to keep their coats healthy and glossy. Packed with nutrients to ensure less shedding, less itching and healthy looking and feeling fur, here’s some of our fabulous fish oil based products that will give your dog’s skin a much needed boost. 

Salmon Oil

Our very own salmon oil is exactly what it says on the tin, nothing more than 100% salmon oil. This product is created to supplement your dog’s regular diet to support both joint and coat maintenance meaning your pooch gets that well needed TLC both inside and out. 

Loaded with amazing Omega oils and amazing amounts of vitamins and minerals, this super salmon supplement can help to avoid coat issues such as increased shedding and even dermatitis. This pawfect product can be given to dogs directly or even drizzled on top of their foods making it a great treat for fish loving dogs or those that need their little extra boost with dinner. 

Salmon oil for dogs and cats, Natural Cornish Pet

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Boost & Nourish Toppers

For dogs that like a little extra crunch with their kibble, our selection of fish skin toppers are the pawfect treat for your four-legged friend. Containing essential fatty acids that keep their coats looking and feeling as fabulous as ever, these toppers are made with nothing more than 100% British fish. Made right here on our Cornish coast, these all-natural and wholesome fish skin toppers are a great treat for dogs who want a little something fishy added to their meals. Just sprinkle away and let the benefits of these awesome Omega filled skins shine. 

Boost and Nourish Dog Food toppers, Natural Cornish Pet Shop brand

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Glorious Grooming

In addition to scrumptious supplements, purchasing high quality and natural grooming products can also help contribute to a coat that looks and feels healthy all year round. Featuring ingredients such as lavender and patchouli, our range of grooming products are kind to skin, smell fantastic and are made with natural ingredients straight from mother nature’s garden. 

Wildwash Natural Skin And Coat Care

When it comes to glorious grooming products to support your dog’s skin and fur health, there is no brand quite as pawfect as Wildwash. Made with 100% natural ingredients to support and soothe your pet’s skin and coat, their range of shampoos, conditioners, repellents and fragrances are designed to keep your pet’s coat looking and feeling in the best condition possible. 

Containing zero synthetic ingredients, their products are ideal for dogs with sensitive skin and can help promote healthy fur growth, prevent skin irritations and even keep parasites at bay with ingredients that naturally repel fleas and ticks. With a whole range of Wildwash products in store and online, grooming has never smelt better. 

Wildwash fragrance and shampoo for dogs

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Fundamental in their overall health and wellbeing, keeping your dog’s coat healthy can leave you with one happy hound. Regular grooming and some scrumptious supplements can keep nasties at bay and leave your dog loving their fur and looking like the best pooch in town. 

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