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Caring for Golden Oldies with Natural Cornish Pet

Caring for Golden Oldies with Natural Cornish Pet

Did you know that for most dogs when they reach the age of seven they are considered to be senior, and that you should probably be thinking of making some changes to their diet and daily routines to help them transition comfortably and healthily into their golden years? Senior dogs have different dietary requirements to their younger counterparts and there are foods that are specially designed with lower fat and calorie contents and added support for joints and digestive health for those poochie pensioners. There are also a few really simple things that you can do that will help your dog to manage a lot better when they are getting on.

At Natural Cornish Pet we have got years of experience looking after dogs of all ages at our sister business, Doggy Day Care Cornwall. And we have got some great tips to help you look after your senior dogs in the best possible way and keep them as healthy as they can be for as long as we can. We have collated and chosen our top tips and some brilliant senior specific doggy products that can help you keep your dog’s tail wagging in their later years. 

Simple Changes for Senior Dogs 

As we alluded to above there are a few really simple changes that you can make to improve the life of your golden oldie and those can start in and around the house. 

Around the house 

Keeping dogs comfortable is one of the most important things you can do when they start getting older, making sure that they have a place to rest and sleep in a draft free and quiet space in your house. A soft comfortable bed is also an essential for your golden oldies and at Natural Cornish Pet we have a great range which includes our new FatFace and Danish Designs eco-friendly options.

Dog Bed

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It's also important for your older dogs to have easy access to all of the essentials such as food, water and chews, so make sure your senior dog's bed is close to all of these necessities. Slippery floors such as tile or lino can also become an issue as dogs get older as their paws and claws can become less effective. An easy way to counteract this is with a cheap rug or carpet offcuts being put down to increase the grip and reduce the chance of falls and slips.


Senior dogs need a different set of nutrients and minerals than younger dogs do as, like us, their body begins to deteriorate with the onset of age. Foods such as Aflora Penrose are specially formulated to aid those furry friends that are entering their golden years. With a recipe that has added joint care as well as super ingredients such as cranberry, Aflora Penrose by Natural Cornish Pet can help to support immune response, joint and bone health and general senior wellbeing with every bowl.

Aflora Penrose

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We can also help to aid your senior dog’s joints with a treat that is rich in omega oils such as Natural Cornish Pet White Fish Cubes. These fishy treats not only help with joint support but can aid the maintenance of memory, brain function and immune response all of which are essential to keeping your golden oldie as happy as they can be.

Fish Cubes for Dogs

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Skin and Coat Care 

As your dog gets older you will probably notice an increase in dry skin, shedding and hair that is brittle and dry to touch. This is perfectly normal as it is in most mammals but it can be helped with some simple changes to your dog's grooming regimen. Hownd Golden Oldies Conditioning Shampoo is specially designed for dogs who are showing their age in their coat. This magically moisturising shampoo is deep cleaning whilst being as gentle as can be, locking in moisture and keeping your dogs coat protected.

Hownd Golden Oldies

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It's also worth remembering that older dogs can be more sensitive to extreme weather conditions and it's worth getting them a decent coat so they are comfortable during and after every walk and maintain healthy skin too. Our range of brilliant Hurtta coats are durable, waterproof and super comfortable, keeping your golden oldie protected in all weathers.

Hurtta Coat
Help Your Hound With a Hurtta Coat From Natural Cornish Pet>

Puzzle toys

Keeping your dog's brain healthy is also important when they enter their latter years and a great way to keep them alert and inquisitive is with a puzzle toy. At Natural Cornish Pet we have an excellent selection of these vexing playthings that will keep any dog absorbed as well as our very own dog friendly peanut butter which is a terrifically tasty treat to fill them with.

KONG Puzzle Toys

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If your dog is entering the autumn of their life make sure you have prepared for it to happen so they can move into their dotage with as much comfort and dignity as possible. With a few of our handy tips and some of our brilliant senior specific products your golden oldie will be happy, healthy and pampered every day of their long and luxurious lives.

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