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Caring for Older Cats

Caring for Older Cats

When it comes to selecting a new pet to enter our home, many of us decide to take in the younger portion of felines due to the ability to raise them from young. The task of training them and adjusting to a new life in a brand-new environment appears much easier for kittens than it does older cats. But as more and more senior cats remain in adoption centres across the UK, our hearts go out to the aged felines out there that many don’t wish to adopt. 

Just like their younger forms, older cats need just as much TLC as kittens and with less and less mature mogs being chosen for adoption, here’s why you should consider letting an older cat into your home and how you can provide them with the cosy life they crave.

Adopting Older Cats

When thinking about adopting a pet, people tend to side with the more playful option of a kitten leaving the decision to bring home an older cat at the back of pet owners’ minds. 

However, with adoption rates on the increase around the country, adopting an older pet can actually have more benefits than initially thought. As kittens develop quickly, the cuteness of a small and fluffy tabby inevitably wears off as cats mature to adult phase after 6 months. Bringing home an older cat reduces the time needed for training and home etiquette as it is highly likely your mature mog already knows the ins and out of a litter box. 

Furthermore, older cats have a tendency to enjoy relaxing in your company more than kittens that prefer longer periods of play and independence. Mature cats are likely to be more affectionate, especially with families finally bringing them into a loving forever home. Rehoming an older cat is highly rewarding as you are not just bringing a pet into your life but you are saving theirs. 

With their personality and behaviours already developed, you will know straight away with an older cat if they are purrrfect for your home, making them the ideal choice in any adoption centre that you visit. 

Where to adopt a cat?

With adoption centres scattered around the UK, it would be hard to find any centre that would be absent of an older mog in need of a forever home. 

Here in Cornwall, the National Animal Welfare Trust is a go to charity dedicated to helping the lives of pets and their owners. With their own adoption centre based in Hayle, West Cornwall, they spend their time and devotion to ensure each and every animal has a loving home to go to. 

Caring for Older Cats

Here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we adore animals no matter what their age, size or breed. As our shelves are stocked with a range of products to help the lives of older cats, take a look at some of our pawfect products that will give your older cat the best life possible – when it comes to purrrfection, we have got you covered. 

Canagan Senior 

Canagan’s delicious dry range is a special grain free cat food formulated by experts to deliver nutrition that is close to their ancestral diet. The correct ratio of proteins and carbs is combined with a host of wonderful vegetables and botanicals, to produce a cat food that is magnificent in every meowing mouthful.

Carefully balanced and nutrient dense, their feline formula will excite your cat’s taste buds and provide them with pawfulls of highly digestible protein demanded by their evolutionary needs. Full of fantastic flavours and formulated for specific dietary needs, this delicious dry food is everything your senior cat needs for their health and wellbeing. 

Canagan Senior Cat
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True Hemp Senior Treats

When it comes to all-natural and wholesome ingredients, there is no better than hemp. Derived from completely natural sources, hemp can provide our pets with all the love and support they need to keep their health and wellbeing in tip-top shape.

Every single one of TrueHemp products are grain-free, additive and preservative free and GMO-free resulting in an all-natural treat that we know your four-legged friend with adore.

TrueHemp for Senior Cats support joint functions and incorporates unique ingredients like hemp leaf, green lipped mussel and turmeric to help cats maintain healthy joints and keep their True Spirit™ going strong.

True Hemp Senior
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Considering a new pet this Christmas? Then, consider an older cat to join your home and give them a new lease of life this winter.

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