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Cat Food: Dry & Delicious

Cat Food: Dry & Delicious

For cats who prefer a crunchy dinner, choosing dry food can maintain both their healthy diet and overall oral health.

Packed to the brim with the finest ingredients on offer, our brilliant brands of dry cat food promise deliciousness in each and every bite.

With a superb selection of dry food on offer, the Natural Cornish Pet Shop is 100% the place to go for all your feline flavour needs. From countryside chicken to scrumptious Scottish salmon, no matter what protein your cat adores – we have something for you!

Benefits of Dry

These crunchy biscuits provide nutritional boosts for our furry friends. All of our favourite brands pack their biscuits with the finest quality proteins, vegetables and botanicals to ensure our pets gain a well-rounded and nutritionally beneficial diet. Crunchy kibble allows our pets’ dental health to be maintained in comparison to wet (gravied or jellied) food, ensuring their oral care is right where it should be.

With each and every one of our brands, the dry extrusion process is monitored with a fine tooth comb. As high temperature can sometimes cause a loss in vitamins, minerals and important proteins, each of our brands ensure that they use the highest quality ingredients, and the blasting of high temperatures is done so precisely that those important nutritional elements are not lost!


Canagan’s delicious dry range is a special grain free cat food, formulated by experts to deliver nutrition that is close to a cat's ancestral diet. The correct ratio of proteins and carbs is combined with a host of wonderful vegetables and botanicals to produce a cat food that is magnificent in every meowing mouthful.

Carefully balanced and nutrient dense, their feline formula will excite your cat’s taste buds and provide them with pawful's of highly-digestible protein, demanded by their evolutionary needs. Full of fantastic flavours and formulated for specific dietary needs, our range of Canagan cat products will keep their whiskers wagging right until the last bite.

  • Canagan Dental – Fantastic for stopping plaque and preventing bad breath
  • Free-Run Chicken – Protein rich and packed with immune boosting ingredients
  • Scottish Salmon – Fabulously fishy – Full of Omega 3 for brain, sight and joint maintenance
  • Country Game – Brilliant for digestion and a royal treat for your cats
  • Canagan Light/Senior – Great for overweight or senior cats.


Symply Cat Salmon - All Lifestages Symply

Only using the very best ingredients money can buy, Symply have packed all their stunning recipes full of succulent cuts of meat or fish mixed with field fresh vegetables and botanicals. All of their meat and fish is sourced from within the UK, helping to support local British producers, meaning every pack of cat food is both packed with nutrition and great for the economy too!

Supporting your felines in all stages of their life, Symply dry cat food is nutritiously balanced for both growing kittens and fully grown cats.  Full of wholesome, natural, pure and simple ingredients, it's rich in freshly prepared chicken and salmon varieties that are easy to digest and rammed with all the nutrition they need to live a long and plentiful life!

Shop Symply Samon for Cats Here / Shop Symply Chicken for Cats Here

Meowing Heads

Enriched with Taurine and featuring nothing but 100% meat and fish, Meowing Heads dry cat food is made with the same love and care as their popular dog food ‘Barking Heads’.

Their super yummy adult cat recipes are made using only the best quality, natural ingredients. Approved by vets, Meowing Head's food has a unique anti-hairball formula, is taurine-enriched and is easy to digest and contains everything your cat needs for a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Free from artificial colours and flavours, each blissful bite of this scrumptious cat food will definitely keep your cats meowing for more.

Shop the Meowing Heads Cat Food Range Here!

With a range of fantastic food for your feline friends on offer at our store, it would be hard to find a food that your cat does not love at the Natural Cornish Pet Shop. Packed with the finest proteins and high quality botanicals, we believe our range of food is simply purrrfect!

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