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Cat Food: Wonderfully Wet

Cat Food: Wonderfully Wet

When it comes to feeding our pets, there are endless realms of possibilities when it comes to texture, flavour and benefits.

Here at the Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we often discuss the pawsitives of our extensive range of dry pet food, however we often miss out talking about the wonderful world of high quality, grain-free, natural wet food that we showcase within our St Erth shop and here online!

After the glorious glamour of dry food wears off, our pets are often left with heaps of the same old flavour to munch on for breakfast, lunch and dinner; How boring! However, with the finest quality wet food on the market, our cats can have all the variety they need with wet pouches and cans.

With a varied mouth-watering meal on offer every day, there really is nothing better for our feline that a taste of the wonderfully wet world of cat food!

Our Best Brands

Creating the best feline food on offer, in pouches and cans, our range of brilliant brands have everything your cat needs for a healthy and happy diet. Featuring the finest quality ingredients to give your cats the best nutrition they deserve, here’s our favourite feline foods to keep your four-legged friends purring all day long.

Canagan for Cats

For those cats out there that like their food a little more moist, then Canagan’s wet food is right up your street. Available in both handy pouches and classic cans, their food contains nothing more than tender meat or fish in a delicious, wholesome recipe, making their complete and balanced cat food beyond irresistible.

Highly nutritious and free of artificial colourings, preservatives and flavourings, our range of Canagan cat food is the purrfect plate of wholesome, British goodness!

Used as a complete meal or even a complimentary topping to dry biscuits, canned Canagan is delicious in each and every bite. With each protein featured cooked in its own juices and packed with highly nutritious vegetables and botanicals, each tin of terrific tuna or delicious duck promises a mouthful of meaty goodness.

Browse the Canagan Range Here!

Garden of Eden

Packed to the brim with the best of British ingredients, Eden’s selection of cat food contains only the finest produce that is bursting with nutrition and flavour. Created with the highest quality proteins sourced locally and sustainably, Eden food is not only delightfully delicious but great on the environment too.

From food to treats, every single product in the Eden range is loaded with all the nutritional goodness our four-legged friend need to keep their tails wagging and living a long and happy life.

Eden Wet Food for Cats: Country Cuisine

Each Eden recipe is a naturally hypo-allergenic, nutritionally complete wet food, formulated with a high content of quality animal protein and low carbohydrate content, based on the Ancestral diet of cats. With 70% freshly prepared, human grade quality meat and fish, with Peas, Sweet Potato, Carrots, Blueberries, Goji Berries and Minerals, these ravishing recipes are everything your cat needs for healthy and nutritious diet.

Learn more about the Eden Range Here!

Amazing AATU

AATU for Cats wet food pouches contain staggering 97% meat content! Available in portion controlled, easy-tear pouches, these purrrfect pouches come in five unique flavours, and can be fed as either a complete meal or as a topper with the dry food.

With AATU for Cats bespoke formula of 8 fruits, 8 vegetables, 8 herbs & botanicals, these delicious recipes provide a combination of vitamins and minerals along with incredible flavour.

Shop the AATU Cat range here!

 A Taste of Nature's Menu

From tasty chews to meaty chunks, our range of Nature’s Menu food is perfect for those of you out there wishing to ease your cat into a raw food diet. With an extensive range of products to choose from, this is one menu your cats won’t wait to get their paws on.

Natures Menu Country Hunter

Country Hunter pouches for cats are filled with top quality raw ingredients, sealed and then gently cooked in its packaging to lock in the natural goodness.

Perfect for fussy and allergy-sensitive cats, these grain and gluten free meals feature no artificial colours or flavours. From turkey to duck, fish to chicken, if it’s wholesome, delicious wet food you’re after – Natures Menu is the choice for you.

Browse the Country Hunter Range here!

See our Country Hunter Selection Box for £11.19

Natures Menu Original Cat Pouches

A meaty feast of beyond truly scrumptious cat food, this variety box of feline favourites is completely grain-free, and made with 70% ethically sourced meat.  Their recipes are packed with essential vitamins and minerals, including taurine. Their deliciously healthy, natural meals will provide your cat with all the nutritious goodness they need to thrive.

Crunchy kibble getting you down? Invest in some wonderfully wet cat food today and give your feline a flavour profile like never before to keep those whiskers wagging all day long.

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