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The Magic of Black Cats & Dogs

The Magic of Black Cats & Dogs

Often the last shade of pet to be adopted, black cats and dogs have been amongst some of the most unfortunate animals in the pet adoption process. With silly superstitions preventing animal lovers from owning these magnificent pets, research has shown a decrease in adoption rates for both cats and dogs with black coloured fur. 

Here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we love our four-legged friends no matter what size, shape, age, breed or fur colour. Every animal deserves the opportunity to enter a loving home, so here’s why those black coloured besties with furry paws make the most magical of pets!

Very Superstitious

For thousands of years, myths and legends in regards to black furred animals have made their way across the globe. But what is all the fuss about? Surely these cute creatures just want to be loved no matter the colour of their fur; old wives tales are the result of lower adoption rates in these specific coloured animals. 

Black cats have been a symbol of witchcraft for centuries. Often associated and known as witches’ familiars, black cats have been branded “unlucky” by many. One widely known superstition suggests if a black cat crosses your path from right to left it is deemed unlucky, but lucky if it crosses from left to right. 

Black Dog Syndrome

Despite the obvious stigma around black cats, it appears black dogs bear the brunt of unjust opinions. Although unexplainable, there appears to be a real preference of puppy selection of dogs that have lighter fur. It is believed to be because larger black dogs appear more menacing and photograph harder than lighter fur canines. Furthermore, darker dogs can often be missed during the adoption process when there is poor lighting and darker spots in kennels and adoption centres. 

According to folklore, Black Dogs have long been associated with evil and malice. Cast your minds to Harry Potter, and Harry’s “Black Dog” tea leaves prediction of death and despair. Black dogs have been a symbol of terror and evil for years and have led many to avoid having them in their homes. In Hollywood, black animals are often cast as sidekicks to villainous creatures or characters, thus their worldwide symbolism of darkness. 

However, we don’t pay much attention to folklore and myths, when it comes to animal adoption; we love every shape, every kind and especially every colour!

Why Black Animals Make the Best Pets

In terms of personality, temperament and behaviour, black pets are no different to any others. In fact, according to Scottish myths, having a black cat on your doorstep signifies positivity later in life so the rise in black feline adoption in Scotland has been prevalent for years. 

When it comes to owning a pet, each and every four-legged friend in our house is unique. However, darker shades of pets tend to be less common, so owning a black furred friend gives you a pet like no other. In dogs, ebony fur often leads to dark paw pads and nails unlike any other canine colour. This dark and rich colour is beautiful and glistens in every light (especially moonlight). Also, darker furred pets tend to have lighter eyelashes to compensate for black fur, making them extra magical!

Not fond of fur? Despite common misconceptions, pets with darker fur tend to shed exactly the same amount as any other shade of pooch. Shedding is related to grooming habits and certain breeds not the colour of your pet’s fur. In fact, if you tend to wear darker clothes or have darker furniture a black pet is everything you need for fur-free (unseen) living. 

With more and more black pets being left in kennels and adoption centres across the world, let’s push stigma aside and give a loving home to an animal that needs it more than any. With brighter eyes, glossier fur and some of the most unique features in the pet world, give a little more love to those black pets out there – no matter what way they may cross our paths. 

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