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Our Favourite Cheesy Treats & Chews

Our Favourite Cheesy Treats & Chews

Whether it's in a pasty paired with onion, or in a savoury scone, Cornwall loves a bit of cheese, and with over 50 different varieties produced in our fair county we are spoilt for choice. However, at Natural Cornish Pet Shop we know that there's probably one being in your house that loves this delicious dairy treat more than you do, your dog! Long used as a training treat and as a way to tempt our furry friends to take their medicine, cheese is loved as much by our dogs as it is by us. 

Cheese has been a staple in our diets for over 7,000 years, the method of making it being discovered in the Middle East around that time. It is thought the process was discovered by people transporting milk in goat stomachs where there is naturally occurring Rennet, an enzyme essential to the cheese making process. This milk would curdle, forming curds and whey which would then be separated and the curds would be matured and salted making something very similar to the cheese we know and love today. This process hasn’t changed a great deal over the years, apart from the goat stomach bit which is ok by us! 

A cheese board

Worldwide there are estimated to be over 1800 varieties of cheese made from the milk of cows, goats, sheep and even yaks (more on this later……) and is a staple of many cuisines as well as a basis for many a tempting treat for our canine companions.

With all this cheese information on the mind we decided to give you the low down on some of our favourite cheese treats formulated specially for your canine companions, from gourmet baked treats to a mysterious recipe from the foothills of the Himalayas 

Cheesy Treats from Natural Cornish Pet Shop

Yak! The Wonder Snack

This amazing snack formulated by some of the great minds here at Natural Cornish Pet traces its roots back to a centuries old traditional Himalayan yak cheese called Chhurpi. This special cheese was originally produced by people living in the mountainous regions of Tibet, Nepal and Northern India, it is made by adding salt and lime to yak milk, it is then smoked and compressed for up to a month creating a very hard cheese that is eaten by moistening it in ones mouth and chewing like a gum. Chhurpi was first produced as a way of maximising the dairy produce of the nomadic people of the Himalayas, allowing them to make use of fresh milk that would have otherwise been nigh on impossible to store or transport in such remote areas. In some cases Chhurpi has been known to have stayed fresh for over 20 years!

Now, a cheesy chewing gum may not sound that appetising to you or I, but we know there's a set of teeth in your house that loves a cheesy treat and one that needs their chewing dreams satisfied too. Yak! The Wonder Snack is a 100% natural chew that is still made in the traditional method, it's a great source of calcium, amino acids and protein giving your dog a boost for their joints, muscles, bones and immune system. Not only this but it is completely grain and gluten free, the texture of the chew also aids with the maintenance of healthy teeth and gums too, no wonder we call it the wonder snack! Down to that last slobbery nugget of the wonder snack? Just pop it in the microwave and watch as it magically puffs up into a new crispy, cheesy, popcorny treat. This wondrous product is available in a range of sizes and is a winner every time our dogs get their teeth around one.

Yak! the wonder snack dog chew

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Natural Cornish Pet - Chickens And Cheese Sticks

Whether it's a hunter's chicken or a gooey quesadilla we all know that poultry and cheese is a match made in heaven and here at Natural Cornish Pet we know that our dogs go mad for it too. Made with 100% British chicken and produced here in Cornwall, our Chicken and Cheese Sticks are a delicious treat for all those good dogs out there. High in protein and low in fat these are a great option to maintain a healthy weight and condition for your furry friends. These sticks are also air dried locking in maximum flavour and nutrition making them a deliciously succulent, all natural and nutritious snack for any dog who loves their cheese.

Natural Cornish Pet - Chicken & Cheese Stick

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Lily’s Kitchen Training Treats With Cheese And Apple

These perfect bite sized mini biscuits are made with organic apples and delicious crumbly farmhouse cheddar. Traditionally oven baked and made with no artificial additives at all these low fat treats are perfect for training. Lily’s kitchen prides themselves on using wholesome all natural recipes and we absolutely love their ethos. So, if a reward for good behaviour is what you need, look no further than Lily’s Kitchen Training Treats With Cheese And Apple.

Lily's Kitchen Training Treats with Cheese & Apple

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So, when your dog has the need for cheese, from classy chews to training treats, Natural Cornish Pet Shop has got it covered.

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