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Chew With a Difference

Chew With a Difference

Our dogs love to chew. From our shoes to their toys, our four-legged friends love to get their teeth clamped onto almost anything. As an ancestral urge, chewing is a significant part of our dog’s lifestyle providing a wealth of benefits for both their bodies and mind. Providing support for oral health to stress-busting power in times of anxiety, chews can be fundamental in our dog’s overall health and wellbeing.

Here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we understand the importance of chews as a part of your dog’s regular diet. Providing a range of tasty chews with a variety of different uses and benefits, we have every kind of chew your dog needs to live a long and wagtastic life. 

Amazing Antlers

Since the dawn of time, we have long associated dogs with chewing animal bones. Bones would have been one of the only sources of chewing sensation the predecessors of our modern day canines would have had, this inherited need for animal bones has still remained even with our domesticated dogs. 

With animal bones often providing safety problems such as fragile cartilage splintering, often resulting in problematic chewing for our pets, alternative bones have been sourced that are 100% safe and fun to chew. 

Totally natural, long-lasting and packed with magical minerals, antlers make fantastic dog chews. Here at the store, our furry friends love our range of Natural Cornish antler chews. What’s best about our antlers is they don’t go off, meaning that dogs can leave them buried beneath the couch cushions ready to be found and munched days, weeks or even months later.

What makes our Natural Cornish antlers so beneficial is the range of incredible benefits they contain such as: 

  • Glucosamine – Great for joints and tissues
  • Calcium and phosphorous – Benefits bones and teeth
  • Iron – Essential for healthy blood cells
  • Potassium – Good for nerve and muscle function
  • Magnesium – Aids in storing and releasing energy
Natural Cornish Antlers For Dogs
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Pawfect Protein

We all know how much our dogs love their proteins. From chicken to beef, lamb to fish, no matter what protein they get, they gobble it up quicker than a ray of light. Many leading high street brands pack their meaty chews with animal derivatives and artificial meat flavours. When choosing a chew at Natural Cornish Pet Shop however, you are guaranteed a chew that not only tastes great but is completely natural and wholesome and free from nastiness. 

In addition, we love to mix it up here at the store so not only do we sell chews from classic proteins such as chicken and beef, we also stock unique proteins such as kangaroo, venison, ostrich and goat which are great alternatives for fussy eaters and dogs who may suffer intolerances. 

No matter what meaty chew they want, we have something for you. Check out our range of mighty meaty chews!

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Delicious Dental Chews

There is nothing more efficient at cleaning your dog’s teeth than a dental chew. Infused with herbs such as mint and parsley and cleverly designed to massage your dog’s gum line, dental chews can freshen breath, maintain oral health and keep your dog’s pearly whites looking as sparkly as possible. 

These types of chew can be given daily and used as the main part of your dog’s dental routine. Used from puppy to golden oldie, no matter what age of dog, we have a dental chew for you. Our top choices have to be: 

These chomptastic chews are ideal for dogs with problem teeth or even when your pet’s breath might be getting a bit stinky. Just one chew a day can combat plaque, reduce tartar build up and keep their breath smelling fresher for longer.

TrueHemp Dental Flex for dogs
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Wonderful Wood

Wood based chews are currently soaring high in the dog food market, and we aren’t surprised. Long-lasting, durable and tasty beyond belief, wood based chews are ideal for puppies all the way to golden oldies so no matter what pooch you might love, we have a chew for you.

The Green & Wilds Olivewood chews are created from 100% natural wood and contain no artificial colours or ingredients, this treerific treat brings a little bit of the forest right into your home. What’s great about Olivewood chews is their long-lasting and durable nature that ensures your pooch keeps boredom at bay all day long.

Made from harvested wood from managed Olive trees, these 100% sustainable chews showcase the beauty and deliciousness of Mother Nature. Satisfying a dog’s natural instinct to chew, Green & Wilds Olivewood Chews are a chew different to others. Graded, dried and sanded and then lightly infused with virgin olive oil, to give a healthy, safe and satisfying chew, these tasty treats are an all-natural alternative for dogs who tend to favour dental sticks.

Green & Wilds Olivewood Dog Chew
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So with an abundance of chews to choose from, get your paws on a tasty treat today and keep your dog from shredding your shoes. 

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